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Recent PG's

If you had the choice of taking Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, or John Wall who would you take and why?

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John Wall, more upside than

John Wall, more upside than both Evans and rose....fastest player with the ball in his hand bar to watch, flashy style of play....vocal leader....more marketable....He's a winner.

I know he hasn't played a game in the NBA but you know he's gonna be good.

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Derrick Rose is very quick and more under control then wall. More physical. Close call but id take Rose right now. I have no doubt Wall will be a very good player, but Rose is just a man-child. Evans is fantastic too and unlike any other point guard. He has a lot of skill that makes up for his lack of athleticism

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Derrick Rose is a sure

Derrick Rose is a sure thing. He made tremendous improvement from his rookie year to his sophomore year, especially with his jump shot which he did some damage to the Cavs with.

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Derrick Rose ... he's

Derrick Rose ... he's explosive, physical, strong, and the improvement he made on his jumpshot this year definately seals the deal for me! - Wall's jumpshot is still a huge question mark for me, he's not as physical as Rose, and he struggled with turnovers in college this past season ... plus he's never played an NBA game - Evans is a strong finisher around the rim, but he's not as explosive an athlete as Rose and his jumpshot isn't nearly the weapon that Rose's has become -- at this point though, I might take Evans over Wall ... even though, who knows if he continues to play PG?

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I'll choose Rose because he

I'll choose Rose because he already proved he belongs in this league and I'll have to see Wall in the NBA first before I can say anything. And Evans, I see him more as a 2 guard and Rose I see him using the role of PG a little bit more(like more assists).

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I'll take Rose, then Evans,

I'll take Rose, then Evans, followed by Wall. Don't get me wrong, I like Wall but I am a little skeptic as to how great he will be in the NBA. Not to say he won't be good, but I mean Evans has already been nicknamed as a Mini LeBron and Rose has damn near single handedly lead the Bulls to the playoffs in his first 2 seasons and is looking like a Superstar. Wall is a little too out of control, i mean he is a blur, but he needs to learn when to take it into the next gear sometimes. I do really like Wall's potential as an unbelievable defender. He really showed me a lot this year on the opposite end of the floor, especially come crunch time.

I think Evans is more of a 2 guard though as opposed to a PG.

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If you asked me at the

If you asked me at the beginning of the college basketball season when Rose was struggling (due to his ankle injury) and Tyreke had yet to get to the 20 ppg mark I would have taken Wall because he was so amazing in the early goings of his college career. Now I would go Rose, Reke, Wall. Rose has the best jumper is as athletic as Wall I believe and is more savvy and physical.

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Rose, Evans, Wall Rose and

Rose, Evans, Wall

Rose and Evans are proven commodities at this point. I think Wall could be good, but he is certainly no guarantee.

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Id take 1.Rose..Proven nba

Id take
1.Rose..Proven nba player 1 season away from being a legit start in this league all he needs to do is extend his range a little bit and he will be unguardable and his go to floater is more effective then wall and Evans getting to the basket. i know his assist will rise once they get one of the freeagents this summer to play along with him and noah
2.evans.. he is not a Pg..but if he continues to play pg he will thrive because of his size and length points and 2s cant guard him jump shot needs work tho it looks like a slingshot fade away
3.Wall. will have to wait and see what type of impact he has the only thing he has over the 2 above is that he has more hype then anyone in the 08 and 09 draft classes and he is a better defender but they all can be good defenders IMO

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