Poll: Are you willing to give up an organ for someone?

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Poll: Are you willing to give up an organ for someone?


Poll Options

- No
- Yes
- Maybe
- only one of your kidneys

Remember one of the episodes of The Simpsons when Homer Simpson had to give up his kidney for his dad, but he freaked out and ran away a few times? Until he finally decided to do the right thing

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If I

If I remember correctly, he didn't choose to do the right thing. He was hospitalized for something else and the doctor took out his kidney without telling him.


(Revenge is mine...)

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I have never been to the off

I have never been to the off topic section.

This is a whole new level of ridiculousness.

I would donate everything, then haunt all of the people who received my parts.

Is the pen is an organ? Or just a muscle? I would keep that.

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i would definetly give

i would definetly give someone my penis

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