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I know, Im posting in the wrong section but this is the place for responses. The Draft is about to get underway, lets see who the suprises are and who makes the good selections. Being a Bay Area local and fan, Im hoping the 9ers strike some GOLD with 2 picks. Dez Bryant + Iupati is ideal imo

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What the Hell???? Tebow at

What the Hell???? Tebow at 25??? He was picked waaaay too high.

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Draft coverage

I know I wasn't the only one to notice how poor the coverage was during the draft. Half the time the analysts didn't know if they were on or or not.

Tom Jackson was yelling randomly as though he wasn't expecting his mic to be on.

Boomer was seen pissed off at a producer or some crew member.

Steve Young, Kiper, and Gruden start talking about who the Ravens are going to select when ESPN is honoring the military people on stage. I'm pretty sure they thought their audio was being cut off during this shot.

Then the best part of the entire night. When ESPN was showing draft coverage from when Elway, Bruce Matthews and Marino were drafted. Immediately after going back to the analysts, you clearly hear Gruden lean over to Kiper and say "It's a crazy league, a lot of dumbass coaches." I don't know if that was his comment, or is he was reading it off of his cell phone under the table.

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steve young called miles

steve young called miles austin "austin miles" at least 3 times in a row..

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