bunch of random notes

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bunch of random notes

Let me know if you agree, disagree and why

1. players rarely are able to finish with either hand at the rim, but the ones that can are usually the best finishers...LeBron, Rose, and Kobe(used to be a great finisher, but has lost some explosion)

2. lebrons jumper has DRASTICALLY changed from his rookie season, in mechanics...

3. lebron should look to shed some weight pretty soon....

4. Beasley has no desire to be good...he has a ton of talent but when it comes time to play he looks disinterested.

5. People say the cavs have a weakness becuase they rely on lebron down the stretch to produce the vast majority of their points, but EVERY other team with a superstar goes to them down the stretch and for them it isn't a "weakness". It is only a weakness for the cavs for some reason...

6. larry brown is one of the best coaches BY FAR....He can pretty much stay competitive with any team no matter what type of talent he is coaching.

7. Manu Ginobili has one of the highest ball iq's in the game, he is amazingly crafty and hard to guard...

8. The mavs have a DEEP team...they have a slew of guys that can score along with good defensive wings a expreienced pg and a defensive stopper downlow...

9. The lakers play lock down d when they actually want to....

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coodnt agree more with

coodnt agree more with beasley... the dude has all the talent in tha world!! but doesnt care, shame

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I agree with all except i am

I agree with all except i am one of those who think the cavs rely too much on lebron.Its not just from a scoring standpoint, but from the aspect that they have guys standing around watching him. When the cavs lack movement, they becmoe easy to gaurd.

I also beleive brown is amazing at coaching but struggles dealing with stars or guys who have egos/ He has a reputation for breaking guys down that dont play the way he likes and sacrificing wins to prove a point in order to get the team on the same page. That works great in college or if the team doesnt have attitudes. But most teams have larger then life egos and brown struggles with them. And no, im not just refferring to iverson. He did it with the olympic team where they had terrible chemistry and he sat guys like lebron in favor of richard jefferson who couldnt hit a shot because he was trying to send a message. He did it in NY where he tried to make guys like marbury, francis, curry and others play roles they werent accustomed to. But give him average talent like the clippers, bobcats or even what the sixers had and he will get them to play above their capabilities.

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I really don't know if

I really don't know if Lebron should look to shed weight. Not a lot of that weight looks to be extra, and as he hasn't been playing unneccessarily above the rim to zap his athleticism any quicker than he'd lose it anyway.

Put Michael Beasley on another team without a ball-domiant player (or one who isn't as ball-dominant as Wade) and you'll see a 20 ppg scorer who can throw in 6 or 7 boards for good measure.

I might be in the minority, but I think Larry Brown is a better pure coach than Phil Jackson. I think if Jackson coached the Bobcats, they would be outside the playoffs. I also think that if Jackson coached the Detroit title team they wouldn't have won it all. And I think if Phil had the Alle Iverson and Allen Iversonettes that were the 01 Eastern Conference champs, he wouldn't have gotten hem to he Finals. But maybe that's just me.

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything Iggy, and nike said except i sides with Iggy in that Beasley put on another team would be a scoring machine remember he totally destroyed the big 12 as a freshman.

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