Harrison Barnes Interview

Tue, 04/20/2010 - 8:45pm

Harrison Barnes is rated by most recruiting and scouting services as the #1 prosect in the senior high school class. Barnes was first scouted by NBADraft.net in August of 2008 at the Global Games in Portland. At the time he was on the rise, moving into the top 5 on many national (rising junior) recruiting lists for the Class of 2010.

Harrison BarnesHarrison BarnesNBADraft.net was the first to place Barnes #1 in his class after his impressive performance at that event.

Barnes is just as impressive off the floor as on it, an extremely bright and engaging young man. This interview took place on May 8th. Barnes scored 27 points leading USA to defeat the World Team in the Nike Hoop Summit 2 days later.

NBADraft.net: Duke won the title a few nights ago. Being a future Tar Heel, was that painful to watch, and is it still stinging?

Harrison Barnes: It made no difference to me. What hurt was UNC losing to Dayton in the NIT finals, that’s what I was more concerned about. Because I’m just concerned about UNC basketball and getting ready for next year.

NBADraft.net: Has Kyrie irving let you know about it since Duke won?

Harrison Barnes:
Oh Kyrie and I are extremely close. He’s like my little brother so, I just congratulate him on that win. It’s good for him and the program.

NBADraft.net: Talk a little about the Hoop Summit. The McDonald’s and Jordan Classic are both prestigious events, how does this one compare?

Harrison Barnes: Well when you come here, it’s more about representing your country. You put it together as a team and play really unselfish. The McDonald’s and Jordan games are all about showcasing your talent. But here it’s more than any one individual.

NBADraft.net: Do you feel more of a sense of camaraderie with your teammates because it’s more of a team event?

Harrison BarnesHarrison BarnesHarrison Barnes: Definitely, I mean we’re all here to win. And we’re here to represent our countries.

NBADraft.net: The fact that the USA team lost last year in this event, does that make you feel like you want to get redemption?

Harrison Barnes:
Yeah a little bit. I know people have been stressing that we really need to win this year since we lost last year, so it’s very important that we win.

NBADraft.net: Who’s the favorite next year in the ACC?

Harrison Barnes: I don’t know. It would have to be a toss up. Duke should be really good with the guys they got coming back. Carolina will be a lot different than this year. But yeah, the ACC should be really good.

NBADraft.net: Is there a player in the NBA that you emulate?

Harrison Barnes:
My favorite player is Kobe Bryant. I can’t quite emulate his skills yet, but hopefully someday I’ll be able to.

NBADraft.net: Is there a sense that you will be called upon to take over for this team, or is there a sense that if there’s a close game you will be the guy to take over for this team, or are you more fitting in with the team?

Harrison Barnes: I think if it came down to a last shot, I’ll try to put myself in that role. I’m hoping to be able to step up and help the team win any way I can.

Harrison BarnesHarrison BarnesNBADraft.net: Going back to playing for USA, is that a goal of yours in the future to represent the country for the National team? Is that something that really means a lot to you?

Harrison Barnes: Yes. If I’m blessed enough to make it to the NBA, I would love to play for the Olympic team.

NBADraft.net: What would be a greater accomplishment? An NBA title or a gold medal?

Harrison Barnes: Definitely a gold medal. I mean that’s just something that's way above everything. You know Michael Jordan said his six rings are great but to be on that Dream team and win a gold medal was just unbelievable.

NBADraft.net: NBA finals, dream scenario, who’s your opponent?

Harrison Barnes:
I think it would be great to go up against Kobe. The only way for that would be to have a tremendous freshman season. I’d have to be one and done probably. To be on a team and all of a sudden make it to the NBA finals. Hopefully I just get a chance to play against Kobe before he leaves. But to be in a 7 game series with the finals on the line would be an amazing experience.

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Barnes is going to be a

Barnes is going to be a great player in the League

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Raptors are going to get

Raptors are going to get him. Cause if Bosh leaves we are gonna suck next year, and get the number 1 pick.

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