Ricky Rubio??

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Ricky Rubio??

For a while, I got tired of hearing about Rubio but now, I know nothing about him. What is the latest on Rubio? How did his season go? When is he coming to the NBA? Has he improved anything? Ya know, just general stuff. Thanks!

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He's playing well

He is playing with the best team in Europe, started all games in Euroleague (20min per game, 6.5 pts 4 ast 2.8 rb 1.4 stl 2 to 36%fg 89%ft), and FC Barcelona qualified for the Final Four.
Has almost the same stats in liga ACB, the toughest league in Europe, and his team is first with 27-2.

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I watched a some of his games this year

He seems to be more tone in his body, he still know how to control a game but he did it with better player around him this year. He doesn't look to shoot much, he reminds me more of a young jay kidd when he was ay Kidd you know no Jay.
When he did shoot he still doesn't get off that high off the ground but his form has gotten better.
He can pressure the ball well. The kid will be a double digit ast guy in the NBA one day maybe not right away.
The kid can find his teammates and looks to do so often.

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so it looks like mediocre

so it looks like mediocre stats but on a great team. I guess we just have to wait and see like before because stats dont always translate from euro game. but 36% shooting is bad no matter where you play.

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Can't really go by his stats

Can't really go by his stats in a Euroleague... Jennings had pretty mediocre stats and inconsistant minutes last season. I believe he will be moved esp if the T-Wolves manage to win the draft lottery. Several teams in the lottery that were interested in Rubio last yr landed in the lottery again and still have holes at PG.

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If Rubio doesn't come to the

If Rubio doesn't come to the Wolves David Kahn will never be able to get another job in sports.

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His defense has been amazing. He really moves his feet well, and has the uncanny ability to play passing lanes without sacrificing position. He always makes it tough for his man to score.

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jason kidd was never jay

jason kidd was never jay kidd and david kahn will not be fired and never work again in sports for drafting rickey rubio the most hyped non american basketball player ever

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Assists in Euro

It is much harder to get assits stats in Euro league than in the NBA.

In the NBA, a player will be credited for an assist if the pass receiver is able to score within 2 dribbles.

In Euro, a player will only be credited for an assist if the pass receiver can score without a single dribble. Meaning the guy must either catch and shoot or a dunk/layup.

That's why you have to look beyond the stats to see his amazing passing ability.

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ya his stats aren't

ya his stats aren't mediocre. I think the euroleague leader in assists has 5.9 per game. So 4 is pretty impressive for a player as young as he is especially when leading his elite team in both assists and steals...

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