Players: Best/Worst Case Scenarios

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Players: Best/Worst Case Scenarios

Here are my best/worst case scenarios for the top 5 players:

John Wall

Best: The nets draft him and he's immediately the face of the franchise, teaming with brook lopez and michael beasley (whom the nets get for devin harris), wall leads the nets to the playoffs in his first season, wins rookie of the year, and makes the all-star team. After a few seasons, the nets finally click and bring home a championship. He continues to dazzle nba fans for years as he makes 9 all-star teams. He spends his glory years in New Jersey and is considered a top 3 point guard his entire career. Wall never has any problems with teammates and his coaches rave about how coachable he is. Wall's career averages of 22 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds are enough to land him in the hall of fame.

Worst: His attitude gets the best of him and he complains after the nets start the season off 3-10. He turns into the classic prima donna and coaches can't work with him. After an unspectacular rookie season overshadowed by fights with the nets coaches and organization, he is traded to golden state where he thinks he can flourish. He can score but who can't in golden state? His personality clashes with Don Nelson's and after 5 losing years in golden state, he's traded to Memphis. He has career averages of 17 and 5 but never makes the playoffs and is known as a bad teammate for his whole career.

Evan Turner

Best: He shoots past expectations and turns into an immediate superstar. Soon, people are comparing Brandon Roy as a poor man's Evan Turner. Evan takes charge of Minnesota's young roster and leads them to a close 9 spot in the western conference. He averages 21 a game as a rookie and is named rookie of the year. He makes his teammates better everyday and by the 2nd year, has minnesota playing in the postseason. He pulls a KG and stays with minnesota for 10 years but never wins a title. It's not a big deal though, hes a constant all-star and considered one of the best players in the league his entire career. Career averages of 24 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists are good enough to see this athletic combo guard in the Naismith hall of fame.

Worst: He's drafted 2nd overall by minnesota. Season starts off poorly, the t'wolves can't make things happen and Turner gets frustrated. After losing 14 of their first 20, Evan gets discouraged and his lack of motivation is evident on the court. He still fills it up but he doesn't develop the killer instinct. After 3 decent years in minny, he's shipped to the bucks where he gets lost in translation. He doesn't desire the ball like the real stars of the NBA, he just accepts scoring 13 a game and being considered a solid #3 option. Has a very uneventful career and many forget about him when it comes to voting for all-stars. He never makes the playoffs or any all-star team.

DeMarcus Cousins

Best: The extremely powerful but very difficult to work with player, DeMarcus is selected by the Pacers and is immediately plugged into the starting center role. He meshes with Granger and the Pacers start to turn heads. They don't make the playoffs but people are noticing Cousins and his 16 point 8 board a game rookie season. The following season, Indiana makes some noise as they make the playoffs. Cousins is now considered a top 5 center in the NBA after averaging 20 and 10. His work ethic appears to have gotten better and he and jim o'brien never bump heads. Granger leaves and Cousins becomes the face of the franchize. They build around him for a few years before he jets to the Thunder where he, durant, and westbrook win a championship. 7 time all star, 1 ring, and career averages of 19 ppg, 10 rpg, 2 bpg land him in the hall of fame.

Worst: He gets drafted by the Pacers but can't beat out Roy Hibbert. Playing the best basketball of his life, Hibbert becomes an all-star and Cousins is relegated to the bench...For 3 straight years he argues with Jim O'Brien, he has many DNP-coach's decisions, and never averages more than 6 points as a Pacer. After 3 not so memorable seasons, Cousins is shipped to the Heat to fill the void left by O'neal who retires. He puts up ok numbers but suffers a very horrifying knee injury in the middle of his 1st season in Miami. He pulls a McDyess by returning after a year and a half without basketball. He's never the same player as he provides post defense late in his career but thats about it. Many think of John Wall and Evan Turner when they think of the 2010 draft, and most consider Cousins to be a bust. career averages: 9.1 ppg, 6.2 rpg

Wesley Johnson

Best: Drafted by Golden State, he comes off the bench his first season but dazzles in his limited time. Don Nelson realizes that he has 11 small forwards on his team so he ships maggette, azubuike, raja bell, and reggie williams out so he can make room for wesley. In his first season as a starter, Johnson scores with ease, leads the team in rebounding, and leads the rookie team over the sophomore team at the all-star break with 32 points. People start to pay attention to golden state as they make the 8 seed in the playoffs. Johnson leads them to a heart-wrenching 5th game against the powerhouse lakers in the 1st round but kobe hits a game winner to end the season for wes. Determined not to let that happen again, Johnson becomes the go-to-guy in golden state and cracks down on his teammates big time. Golden State fires Nelson and get Del Harris. They become a half-court team and Johnson flourishes. He averages 21 and 9 and is compared to Shawn Marion in his prime. The Warriors cant get past the 1st round but Johnsons a consistent all-star. After 7 years, he's shipped to Philadelphia where he finishes out his career. Career averages of 17.6 ppg, and 8.2 rpg.

Worst: Corey Maggette never hits the wall and wesley spends 3 seasons off the bench in golden state scoring at will but not making anyone besides himself better. His defense and rebounding are poor and Don Nelson has him in his dog house the entire rookie season. Disappointed and starting to become a drama queen, wesley's play takes a turn for the worse. He sees himself in very erratic playing time, logging 22 minutes 1 night then 4 the next. He can never find his groove and becomes discouraged. The danny granger comparisons never seem to come into fruition. He looks more like a poor man's francisco garcia. He is traded to toronto after 3 season. He plays a solid complimentary role but doesn't do anything exceedingly well. Is never a household name. Career averages of 8.4 ppg, 4.9 rpg

Derrick Favors

Best: An immediate stud in Washington, the wizards have one of the top frontcourts in the league with Blatche and Favors. Arenas and Favors gem better then expected and Derrick's putting up Michael Beasley like numbers in his 1st season. Washington likes what they see and decide to build on their young squad, they bring in some guys that they think will move Washington into playoff contention. Favors exceeds expectations his sophomore year as his offensive skills develop quite nicely. He and Blatche are nightmares in the post and Arenas is leaving firearms at home. They become a playoff team and a 4 seed at that. Favors reminds many of amare as his natural athleticism wows fans. He plays 5 years in Washington, reaches the EC finals but doesn't win a championship. He's then traded to Denver to fill the void left by the retiring kenyon martin. Teaming with melo and all-star ty lawson, he wins his ring. Not a hall of famer but a 5 time all-star and 1 ring will suffice. Career averages of 18.4 ppg, 8.7 rpg

Worst: The guys knock him for being underskilled and not ready for the NBA and it gets to him. He comes off the bench in Washington and puts up mediocre numbers. He can't seem to hit his stride or get into a rythym. Many start to wonder if his offensive game will ever appear. After his second season of mediocre production, the Wizards send him packing to Charlotte. He and Tyrus Thomas clash and fight over who was less of a bust. Favors can't get anything started and has a few blowups on and off the court. Larry Brown feels bad for the kid but there's nothing he can do, Favors has bought into the idea that he's the next Kwame Brown. After 4 tumultuous seasons in Charlotte, he's traded to New York. He starts at power forward for them but all the offense revolves around LeBron and Favors is just a role player. He makes 0 all star-teams and makes the playoffs just 1 averages of 6.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg for this forgettable NBA player

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Golden State becomes a half court team?

most half court teams have size;

Wes Johnson will play the 4 in GSW at best the 3

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Some harsh "Worsts" but

Some harsh "Worsts" but this is America, where he want to see a player crumble rather than succeed. And while he's on top, everyone loves him, as he falls, everyone exposes him.. i.e. Allen Iverson

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In the past there have been

In the past there have been harsh worsts: See Sam Bowie, Adam Morrison, Jonathan Bender, and possibly Greg Oden if he never stays healthy.

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dont you people

dont you people build you up then tear you down

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His best case scenario is that a team with long odds wins the lottery (a la Chicago a few years ago).....he could be the number one pick if a team like Philly, Detroit, Sacramento among others win the lottery....

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