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Jeremy Tyler

So the kid decided to hang it up...

It was obvious from the start that this kid had a completely different mentality than Jennings. He thought he was going to go over to Europe and be handed the keys to fame and fortune. He never wanted to work on his game and always thought he was better than he was. I remember hearing him say that high school had gotten boring and there was no competition. What do you think now, Jeremy? You were going to go and become great playing against men! What happened? Didn't feel like you had anything to work on? Thought you deserved to start because you were an American High School Basketball Star? Why didn't everybody bow down and praise you like they did at your high school? BECAUSE YOU WERE A 17 YEAR OLD KID WITH VERY LITTLE SKILL!!!

What in the hell were his parents thinking letting him do this at 17? and why didn't they go with him? Obviously, a 17 year old boy is going to go solo to another country and act like a professional, and everything will work out just fine... And why would you attempt something like this if you weren't going to work your hardest to prove you could do it? Now there is going to be this big backlash against players going overseas instead of college... all because this kid's head was so far off-tilt before he left high school... its a damn shame! I guess we have gotten to see the yin and yang of this process over the last two years...

Do you think this has ruined the high schooler to europe trend? or is the book still out?

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I feel the book is still out

But I think this would be one of those last resort type of thing like when someone doesn't get the right SAT score or something like that

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I wish Sabonis had played in

I wish Sabonis had played in the NBA all his career. I think he would have went down as one of the best centers. He still had a great career coming in at the age he did. Great list. Rubio could make the list after his career is said and done.

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