Landon Milbourne Interview

Tue, 03/02/2010 - 10:30pm

By Rashad Smith

I recently had the chance to speak with University of Maryland senior forward, Landon Milbourne. Landon is an athletic forward with an inside/outside game that is projected to go in the second round in this year's upcoming NBA Draft. Landon’s has upped his play this year, becoming one of the teams leaders with averages of 13 ppg, 5 reb, 1.1 stls and 1.3 bpg. Today, Milbourne and his Terrapin teammates take on Duke in a game that could decide the ACC regular season title.

During our discussion, I discovered that Landon is a jack of all trades off the court as well.

Landon MilbourneLandon How does it feel this season, now that you are playing more at your natural position? Do you miss the post?

Landon Milbourne:
Well actually I’m still playing the four this season. I feel a little more comfortable because I can slash, move out and shoot more in spots. There are a couple points in the game where I would play the 3, like maybe on defense and in practice.
Do you keep in contact with any of your teammates from Oak Hill Academy?

Landon Milbourne: No not really, probably only when our teams meet. Me and Ty Law(son) were really close and spoke when our teams played. And Nolan Smith (Duke) when our teams play. How is it playing for Coach Gary Williams?

Landon Milbourne: It’s real good. He brings the best out of his players and pushes you to play hard and get wins. He’s a winning coach, so this a great experience. I saw that furious dunk that you had against FSU, was that your favorite?

Landon Milbourne: (laughs to himself) Yeah that was cool. My favorite was my Freshman year in a game at MSG (Madison Square Garden). ( I wasn’t getting much playing time and that made the ESPN top 10 countdown so that felt good. My Dad had some t-shirts made so that was big for me. Do you have any nicknames?

Landon Milbourne: Not really. My teammates just call me L, L Boogie or LB for short. How about the nickname Bourne Supremacy?

Landon Milbourne: (laughs to himself) Well I had a SLAM article in the magazine and the name of the article was “Bourne Identity”. So that stuck with some people a little bit and then when the different movies came out they would switch up the names. No one ever called me that before the article. I've read that your father played professionally, what did he teach you about the game?

Landon Milbourne: He’s always at my games. (Father, Andre Forman was a Division III All-American at Salisbury and played professionally in Europe.) He’s always giving me insight into ways to get better. Everyday I work on my game. He has taught me how to utilize different moves to take advantage of my defender. So he’s been a great help. I’ve heard that cutting hair is one of your hobbies, what do you enjoy more, basketball or cutting hair?

Landon Milbourne: (Chuckles before answering the question) Well it’s always basketball. I think I’ve been cutting hair since the eighth grade. I pretty much only give my teammates haircuts. My mother is a hairstylist and my father cuts hair. What are your impressions of your season so far, and how prepared do you feel your team is for the ACC Tournament?

Landon Milbourne:
It’s going pretty well, we’re gelling pretty well. Hopefully we can get 3 more wins and get this ACC tournament trophy. Which ACC team gives you the greatest pleasure to beat?

Landon Milbourne: Duke, because they beat us three times last year plus once this year. We have a home game against them on senior night so we’re looking forward to that. We take it one game at a time.

Landon MilbourneLandon Who have you played against or are you going to play that you look forward to the most?

Landon Milbourne: We don’t really put much emphasis on one or two guys. We like to play good team defense and guard the opposing team’s best scorer well. We’re playing the leading the scorer in the ACC this Saturday (Virginia Tech’s Malcolm Delaney 19.5 ppg), so we’ll try to shut him down hopefully. Who was your favorite player growing up?

Landon Milbourne: It was MJ (Michael Jordan) until T-Mac (Tracy McGrady) came into the league. I really liked his game. I watched him as he moved to Orlando and then Houston. Then there were injuries and didn’t see him really play so now Carmelo Anthony. How would you describe yourself as a player?

Landon Milbourne: Hard-worker, really team oriented, unselfish. I do whatever I must for this team to win. I want to reach my full potential. My mom would tell me “If you don’t work hard, you never know how good you could be”. Is there any specific player you have modeled your game after?

Landon Milbourne: Not really, I try to be myself. I take small things from players. I don’t model my game after another player. I want to be my own player. I watch a lot of film. Coach told me that’s a great thing to do. Have you spoken to Greivis Vasquez on his draft preparation experiences?

Landon Milbourne: When he came back I talked to him a little bit about how things went. He told me that it was non-stop workouts and traveling. It seems like a real fun experience. Being around the top players in the country and competing against them. You get to play basketball and that’s what you love to do. At the pro level what position do you see yourself playing?

Landon Milbourne: Probably a three or a two. At the next level I definitely wouldn’t be playing inside. What are you majoring in?

Landon Milbourne: I’m a criminal justice major. I have a couple more classes to finish up and will be receiving my degree. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Landon Milbourne: Go TERPS! That’s all.

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Good inverview

its was good inverview with london milbourne he spoke clearly and openly about his views of the game nice to read spoken about his co players well done....good interview enjoying....thanks...

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