What are the chances the Nets win back to back games?

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What are the chances the Nets win back to back games?

Even the 76ers that had the worst record won back to back games. There no teams in nba history that hasn't won back to back games before.

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I live in Syracuse, NY, and get all the Nets games. My dad grew up 10 minutes from their old stadium, so even though I'm a Utah Jazz fan (please don't make me explain), I watch just about every Nets game and root for them. From what I've gleaned, and what everyone knows, is that the Nets struggle at just about every aspect of the game, but what really kills them, what really prevents them from winning, is their inability to shoot. Their two best players, Devin Harris and Brook Lopez, can't consistently hit shots from 18 feet out (though Brook's developed a nice little J), Courtney Lee has arguably struggled as mightily as any player in the league this year, and Yi and CDR combine to ATTEMPT less than 2 three-pointers a game. In college you can win consistently without consistent shooting and even thrive (just look at Kentucky), as players and teams often rely on their superior size and athleticism.

The Nets simply can't shoot the ball, and only on the rarest of occasions shoot well enough to keep games close. The chances of them shooting well enough to not only be competitive, but win two games in a row?


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I think the 86 Clippers

I think the 86 Clippers didnt win back to back.. Maybe its 76... There have been a couple teams in the last 25 years to go without a win streak..

I think they can win back to back..

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They probably win back to

They probably win back to back, when another team gets in late or comes out flat against them.
Also they have an easier schedule starting the middle of March.
Courtney Lee starting to look a lot better they need to trade Devin Harris in the offseason he shoots too much for a PG.
The team is last in offense and 18th in defense, they need more scorers.
Also 28th in rebounding, 29th in 3pt%, 30th in fg% wow their offense is abysmal.

Harris, Simmons, Dooling, Yi and Williams all shoot under 40% thats awful.

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Wait till next year

they are in great position next year.

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Its not gonna be easy

I just looked at their schedule and Id say their best chance for back to back wins would be 3/24 vs Sac and 3/26 vs Detroit. Both home games, you never know. But right now they are just waiting for this year to end. Just like my Knicks lol.

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How in the world did they beat Boston

In Boston? - KG must be furious, is Boston gonna challenge for title if they can't beat the Nyets at home?

This is terrible for the Celts.


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I'm almost sure the

I'm almost sure the grizzlies a few year back didn't win 2 straight games. Maybe it was 06- 07 season or the next season.

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I love the future of the

I love the future of the Nets, especially when they get a big name coach next year... with the chances of the lottery I am optimistic that even if we don't get John Wall we are in great position to get a position of need, I like Demarcus Cousins a lot, we could use some help inside along with Brook Lopez and pick up a good shooter in the second such as Andy Rautins- I know the kid has a chance of getting drafted and his stroke will certainly help us, I may be a bit biased being a Orange fan but this kid can play!

but for now, I don't see us winning back to back games, we were close against Washington but we have trouble closing out games.

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If they cant beat the

If they cant beat the wizards SLIM!!!

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without a doubt the need shooters...

i watch every game, i DO NOT see them winning back to back games...i honestly thought we had a chance last night but theres a reoccuring theme this year for them, they looked solid first game of the season against the wolves couldnt close but had no idea the season would be what it has become...seriously they lack focus at the end of games, especially harris he did it last year too but the fact they get no consistent shooting from guys like yi and lee really hurts them....they took cdr outta the starting lineup for hayes who probably is the best shooter on the team which i thought was a good move but hes been dealing with injuries all year and isnt at full strength....either way id love to get a babbit or paul george with our second first round pick and if we land wall or turner id be stoked plus some health for next season, PF in free agency....also t-will is gonna be crazy good if he can develop a jump shot.

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ZERO% to win back 2 back

to win back 2 back

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