Wizards: from a supposed contender in the east to a team in rebuilding mode

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Wizards: from a supposed contender in the east to a team in rebuilding mode

We all know this team heading into the season was supposed to be contending in east for maybe the 4th spot which is not surprising. The whole team was healthy and they hired a proven coach in Flip Saunders. They got some good pieces from the draft pick they traded. Now basically the whole starting lineup is traded or suspended. Arenas probably wont be back. What do the Wizards do now?

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i feel bad for

i feel bad for them...seriously there best player for them this season will be Al thorton and Foye and Young wow...that sucks....and they still have a huge drop off after that so that even sucks more...i wonder wat all star player in their right mind would want to come to a place like this in free agency this season and next...im assumin they have alot of money after all these expiring contracts that they had..i could be wrong...

the only thing i can see happening for them is Amare leaving watever team he has to try to be the man there...Is Amare that crazy...we will see

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I actually would watch them

I actually would watch them more now with exciting young players playing. They should have moves like this before Arenas incident.

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