Looking to wheel and deal

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Looking to wheel and deal

I don't know when the trade deadline is for our league, but I'm looking to move some players for a legit PG.

A package containing Mike Miller/Mike Dunleavy/Kris Humphries.

Kevin Martin and Josh Howard are also available. Howard comes at a higher price now, I want to hold on to him because I think he is going to finish the season on a strong note. But the right players being involved, and he could be yours.

But wait, if you make a trade offer to me in the next 15 minutes, I will even throw in Jordan Farmar. He is a great play when the BlackMamba is injured.

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“I guess it’s good to have

“I guess it’s good to have the most dominant big man on the other side of the country. That definitely helps,” the Brooklyn Nets point guard said.

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''We've probably only put in

''We've probably only put in 35 or 40 percent of (the offense) we're going to put in,'' Brown said. ''It's still going to take some time for these guys to understand.''

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