Lebron James and potential

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Lebron James and potential

When I Look at Lebron I keep saying Physically he is the Greatest athlete to ever play in the NBA but i also ask myself will he ever work to reach that potential? I understand he is 25 and
still has time to get better more than likely that will happen but...will he ever reach that
BEST PLAYER WITHOUT QUESTION STATUS? WILL HE? I see him as just wanting to be
mentioned as one of the greats but not wanting to be the greatese ever ala Mike.Kobe
etc...What do yall think?

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He def. is the most

He def. is the most athletic, maybe you could throw Wilt in with him, but I don't see him ever being the GOAT. He needs to work on his J for that and he just doesn't seem to have the same assassin like mentality that MJ and Kobe had. He's not nearly as clutch as MJ or Kobe either which is of huge importance when comparing the best players in the game. I think to be the GOAT you also have to be the best in the final minutes of the game, and at this point I still would want MJ or Kobe taking that final shot over LeBron. Physically, he def has the potential to be the best though.

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. .

not as clutch??? wtF?????????


48 special. .

kobe's never done that

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