Travis Outlaw and Other Free Agents

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Travis Outlaw and Other Free Agents

As everyone who looks at this site probably knows where you play has a lot to do with you're output as a player. Travis Outlaw always looked to me like a starter on a lot of teams but since he played on the super deep Blazers he has never played over 27 minuters per game.

I wanted to know if people think he'll sign as a starter somewhere this offseason and I wanted to know if people could think of other players in similar spots for are time sharing, have limited minutes, or are coming off the bench who could become starters next season and make an impact. A ranking wouldn't be bad either of the top free agents who could go on to a bigger role in 2010-2011

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Travis Outlaw could start

Travis Outlaw could start and average about 18 ppg for most teams.

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