Evan Turner questions

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Evan Turner questions

Do you think he is a point guard at the next level?
Will he be able to play off the ball well?
Do you think he can be a starting small forward?

EDIT - Ok with this being said do you think he is a good fit for GSW when they already have Curry and Ellis at small forward? What about New Jersey if they keep Harris?

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I think he should play point

I think he should play point as long as he can guard the other points in the league ok

He isn't a very good shooter but anyone can play off the ball if they move around.

He could start for a lot of teams at the 3 but I think it would be a waste of his talent.

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• Evan Turner, 6-7 junior

• Evan Turner, 6-7 junior swingman, Ohio State. The scout who is skeptical of Wall believes Turner should be ranked as his peer. "Wall and Turner are Nos. 1 and 1a. Turner is going to be an All-Star. I have great faith in that. His size, his approach, his style of game -- all are suited to the pros."

On Dec. 5, Turner fractured the second and third lumbar vertebra of his spine when he fell flat on his back following a failed dunk in transition. He returned a month later after missing only six games. "You can see he's a guy who enjoys playing," the scout continued. "His ability to improve his shooting will control his greatness. He's like Oscar Robertson. He can have that type of impact. Oscar wasn't a guy people worried about when he went behind the pick and launched the bomb -- you almost preferred him to do that -- and that's how it is with Turner."

I mentioned this high praise to another scout, who responded as the devil's advocate. "Evan Turner is the most interesting guy in the whole draft, because a lot of guys feel that way about him and really like him. And then there are a lot of guys who absolutely don't like him. I'm wrestling with it. The reason you wouldn't like him is because he can't play without the ball -- he's a turnover guy. He so dominates his team and I wonder what that's going to mean in the NBA. And then you see he's not a deep shooter. His game is based on strength and aggressiveness, he's a very skilled guy and he's in relentless attack mode from the opening tip. How is that going to work in the NBA if he's playing out of control? He's a guy who has had triple-doubles including turnovers.

"But the other side of it is that you could put him at the point and, if he refines his skills, you could wind up with a guy who is bigger and tougher than Brandon Roy -- like Brandon Roy on steroids, a beast. Now, part of Roy's beauty is that he never tries to do what he can't do, he plays within himself and he's a smart player. This kid is like Roy unleashed, so watch out because he plays on emotion and he can be his own worst enemy. No matter what, he's not going to slip far because of all that talent."

The other two scouts fully endorse Turner as a top pick. "He's a point guard in our league, or a point-forward. He has the ball in his hands for Ohio State 90 percent of the time. He's strong, he can really, really pass, he's a great rebounder and he's tough. He's not a great shooter, but he can score 20 a night on tip-ins and mid-range jump shots. Why shoot threes if no one is able to stop him from 15 feet and in? If he works at it -- and everything I'm told is that he has a great work ethic -- he can learn to make enough threes and become a great player. He's a monster."

Added the fourth scout: "He has personality, charisma, he's a big guard who has no fear driving to the basket. He has to improve his outside shot, but he can do anything on the floor."


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Not a true PG, but a PG in

Not a true PG, but a PG in the since that he has the ball to create for himself 1st and foremost. And that will probably only be in spot duty.

I think he'll be a SG in the NBA 1st and foremost. He's a SG to me. He'll only run point for spot minutes (end of quarters and sporadically during other parts of games).

I think he can legitimately play all 3 perimeter spts (but he'd be least effective at the 3 though).

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He is kind of like a Brandon

He is kind of like a Brandon Roy. Not saying he will have the impact like Roy but he needs the ball in his hands to dominate like Roy.

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I think he can play the

I think he can play the point forward position much like Pip and T-mac did. I really like Turner's game and think he can be an all-star in the NBA

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hes like

hes like Brandon Roy/Dwyane Wade, not a real pg but a sg that likes to dominate the ball

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Evan turner will be a 2 or 3

Evan turner will be a 2 or 3 because of his size and slashing ability, he plays point for osu because they need him to and he can do it, and I agree with the statement that he needs the ball in his hands, he will be good, very good, but he does need to improve his shooting for the next level, he is the POY in my mind in college this year and will be an all star at the next level, but to become a superstar guard you have to be able to shoot the ball well

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