Bulls get Brown

Bulls trades with the Hornets

Hornets get: Aaron Gray
Bulls get: Devin Brown

Analysis: Hornets get a reserve big man and save a little cash to get closer to getting under the tax. Brown does not fit into their future plans so it opens up more time for Marcus Thornton. Bulls improve depth by trading a guy who didnt play for a guy who will play. Essentially saying the Pargo signing was a bust.


Hornets: C Save a little money but need to make another trade to get under the tax to make this trade worth it

Bulls: B Improve depth without affecting their future salary cap. Still need to do another trade to make a future playoff run.

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There are a number of people

There are a number of people around the NBA who will tell you that the Oklahoma City Thunder have not done enough this offseason to keep up with their competition for the 2012-13 NBA crown. The Miami HEAT added new depth with veterans like Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, the Boston Celtics beefed up their backcourt with Courtney Lee and Jason Terry and the Los Angeles Lakers, of course, added two All-Stars in Steve Nash and Dwight Howard.

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