what if warriors win the loterry

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what if warriors win the loterry

i didnt see anybody post this up( im maybe wrong) but almost every post is about what hets should if they winn loterry... i think that this is a interesting post cause warriors have a lot of backourt players what do they do if they win loterry.... draft wall but either ellis or curry need to go(and they are very good playnig together)..... draft some other player i think that favors/cousins is very interesting to them cause they lack of true big man.... or draft wall adn then trade him but the risk is too high i mean he can be new type of pg in nba and maybe one of the greatest player ( i know this is a little bit crazy but you never know)
what do you all think about this ?

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In my opinion..

whoever wins the lotto needs to draft John Wall. Figure out what to do with him or other players later.

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More than likely I think the

More than likely I think the Warriors would draft John Wall. Then they would trade Monte Ellis (hopefully for a big man). 

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Not taking Wall isn't an

Not taking Wall isn't an option, If you offered John Wall before he played a single game for Joe Johnson i would have to think long and hard (thats what she said) about it.

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The chances are that they'd

The chances are that they'd take John Wall and probably move Ellis. Let's just hope they don't get the number one pick though... I'd hate to see John Wall placed in that organization.

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Drafting Wall and dealing

Drafting Wall and dealing Ellis is probably a lateral move. The Warriors aren't exactly chopped full of talent. Anthony Tolliver gets pulled out of the D-League and is giving them double-doubles. It kind of devalues the performance of Anthony Randolph before he got hurt. When Anthony Morrow was getting 40 minutes early in the year, he was putting up big numbers. Now, they are giving more minutes and touches to Maggette and he is putting in 30 all the time. Sometimes Stephen Curry gets big minutes and has control of the ball and puts up big numbers. Other nights, those minutes and shots go to C.J. Watson, and they get the same output. Beyond Ellis, I don't think they have anyone who is a special talent. Should they win the lottery, they aren't likely to get a fair return for Ellis in a trade. It certainly was the case when the Bulls took Rose and couldn't find an offer for Hinrich they found acceptable. I think it is something the Kings are finding to be troublesome if they try to move Kevin Martin. It would make a world of sense to pair Ellis and Wall in the backcourt, and then either move Curry or make him the 3rd guard off the bench. It certainly would bring them closer to respectability. Obviously their frontcourt is in need of an overhaul as well, but I just don't think they'll get the answer to those woes by dealing Ellis.

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i hope not

any team but them and the clippers. lol. but for real the warriors though. because that organzination is screwed.

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John Wall would fit

John Wall would fit marvelously in Golden State...I think he'd be a good pickup, and he'd allow alot of roster flexibility. Ellis would likely be on his way out, and they could acquire a big man like Amare or go after a swingman.

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