Geral Wallace Dunk CHAMPION!

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Geral Wallace Dunk CHAMPION!

I think Wallace got the dunkcontest in the palm of his hands(if he doesn't get cheated by popularty)but don't get me wrong that boy Brown is skilled,Nate didn't do that good last year i mean who jumps off somebody back in a dunk contest,but anyway who do u think should win it?

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Shannon Brown

I hate the lakers but I'm a fan of Shannon Brown. He brings a ton of energy and has got some nice hops. But honestly as long as Nate doesn't win it ill be happy. Im still pissed at him for robbing Iggy.

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i think that

i think that fans just overhyped shannon brown i mean its almost like he won it already..... people forget about wallace who proved that he has hops,nate always bring something special(i know iggy should win it but even jordan robbed nique), and derozan is proven dunker....but gordon have like 40 inch vertical and nobody realy didnt see what is he capable of so i think that it realy should be interesting to see what will guys bring on court

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