Joel Pryzbilla Goes Down

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Joel Pryzbilla Goes Down

This must suck for them, losing Oden, and now they're going to have to rely heavily on Juwan Howard, and 2 rookies in Pendergraph and Cunningham

Could Portland still clinch a high playoff seed? Or will the loss of Oden & Pryzbilla slowly take them down the rankings, and possibility out of the playoffs in a tough western conference?

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i think portland can fight

i think portland can fight for the 7 or 8 seed strictly because roy and aldridge have stepped up their games and so had bayless. They need solid production out of howard and jeff pendergraph because they are very thin up front if they're trying to be a contender

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They'll fight for a 7th or

They'll fight for a 7th or 8th playoff seed, but I think they'll miss the playoffs.

Roy and Aldridge can score, but neither one of them plays great D. Aldridge doesn't really rebound or enforce the paint like that. Oden and Pryzbilla were their enforcers and usually covered up the weak perimeter D. Portland wins a lot of games due to being dominant on the boards and they won't have that now either. I don't think they make the playoffs now.

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the crazy thing is how deep

the crazy thing is how deep portland is that they even have guys good enough to still make the playoffs even with all these injuries. But with roy, aldridge, and AMiller, they have guys who should be able to step up. Juwan Howard has his work cut out for him down low. I'm sure they'll sign another 7 footer soon.

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its gonna be tough for them

its gonna be tough for them their three best defenders are hurt Rudy their sco9ring spark off the bench. they need Batum and rudy back if they have a chance and i think adding Dalembvert maybe would be good he has a big contract but hes a good post defender and rebounder which we need.

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Philly would love to move

Philly would love to move Dalembert.

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