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Fri, 12/11/2009 - 2:07pm

It's the half way point of the EuroCup Competition regular season, so its time to take a look at how the prospects have done so far.

Top Prospects

Donatas Montiejunas (90) F 7'0 Benetton

Donatas is averaging 6 pts 2 reb. in 19 minutes of action seem to be okay on a first glimpse, as he also makes more than 50% on his shots. But he didn't even try a three, only had 2 FT, which he both missed and lost his starting job. The positive is that he had improvement in his composite ranking from game to game. The potential is there no question, but the competition at this level is tough and he is adjusting to life outside his home of Lithuania. Defensively he is struggling in Europe, so just imagine him in the NBA right now. He shows flashes, but he isn't NBA ready, he is far from it. Stock: Even

Kevin SeraphinKevin SeraphinKevin Seraphin (89) 6'9 Cholet

The big bodied youngster has had his ups and downs so far, struggling for minutes. He's averaging 4 pts, 5 reb but had one zero point showing and poor numbers, shooting under 40%. Cholet with their trigger happy veterans isn't the best situation for him to develop his skills, aside from rebounding their shots. Stock: Even

Milan Macvan (89) F 6'8 Hermofarm

An average of 9 pts, 3 reb. in 20 minutes are decent and an improvement over last season numbers, but players with his high BBIQ are expected to become a bigger role for their team. Overall tendency is up, so we keep his Stock: Even

Boban Marjanovic (88) C 7'3 Hermofarm

3 games 3 starts, but only 17 minutes on average. 6 pts. 3.5 reb. are okay, when combined with 1.5 blocks and excellent FT % but there is the feeling that he can do more. particularly his average of 52 fg% from close range. Stock: Even

Nemanja Bjelica (88) F 6'10 Red Star

Weak showing in the scoring department, as he shies away from physical contact around the rim whenever he can, but excellent at corralling rebounds and good shooting from outside. Stock: Even

Tim Ohlbrecht (88) F 6'11 Bonn

Only 7 pts but a surprising 7 reb on average, mixed with rather weak % except for FTs make it a mixed picture. His team is an underdog in every game, so there may be more opportunity to come. Stock: Even

Marko Keselj (88) F 69 Red Star

Has been exposed as a slowfooted defender with a streaky shot which lets him average only 20 minutes. When his shot is on he looks great, but if not, there is not much he can offer. Stock: Down

Pietro Aradori (88) G 6'3 Biella

Is the flat out star of the group of automatically draft eligible players. 30 min, 17 pts., 5 reb. 2.5 ast, on excellent shooting numbers. Very impressive showing so far. He is crafty while not being fast or athletic, he just gets the job done. Stock: Up

Tibor Pleiss
(89) C 7'1 Bamberg

10 pts, 5 reb on outstanding shooting numbers in just 19 minutes on average are a very good resume for this youngster. He is very long and fluid, altering a lot of shots with his enormous wingspan. He needs some more weight on his body to consistently bang down low. Stock: Up

Antoine Diot (89) G 6'3 Le Mans

His averages look better now, at 6 pts, 4 reb, 3 ast. As he overcame a rocky start into the season. Didn't show anything that we hadn't seen from him before, playing with a lot of energy as always. Outside shooting still questionable. Stock. Even

Dimirty Khvostov (89) G 6'2 Dynamo

Was handed the starter job from the beginning of the season, but couldnt quiet cash in as we expected him to do. His stock is sure to suffer with the addition of Shved. Stock: Down


Alexey Shved (88) 6'5 G Dynamo

Being on loan from CSKA, where he couldn't get any playing time, he reunited with his old protégé Bazarevic in Dynamo. His debut was a stellar showing of what he has to offer. 16 pts, 8 reb. in 25 minutes, in front of a lot of NBA scouts, who had came to take a look at Motiejunas. One game doesnt make him surefire, as he has to back it up, but he sure turned some scout's heads. It's a shame to think how CSKA held him back for so long. Stock: Up

Elmedin Kikanovic (88) 6'10 PF Red Star

The Montenegrin youngster took one game to adjust to his transfer, then he didn't look back, averaging 11 pts. 3 reb in just 19 minutes. Stock: Up

Stefan Markovic (88) G 6'2 Hermofarm

Newcomer of the year so far for his team. 33 minutes 9 pts, 4 reb., 5 ast. Getting better from game to game. A real pleasant surprise, if only he made more than 56% on his FTs. Stock: Up

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pretty impressive..!!!


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