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Tue, 12/08/2009 - 1:21pm

It's 6 Games into the Euroleague Season already and since the stretch games are starting now, is time for us to take a look at our listed prospects and their performance so far. Rankings are more performance based than overall potential based but take both into consideration.

DEP List:

Jan Vesely (90) F 6’10 Partizan (This report 1/
last report 1)

While his minutes have stayed nearly the same so far, his production has not exploded like some might have expected with the leave of Velickovic. He is still doing the same stuff he excelled in last season, only he is hitting the three much better, which counts for his 2 point average increase. Still his season so far is rather disappointing as he is making only 47% on his freebies, a dip even from last years 54 % and has yet to improve his rebounding. His production at finishing around the rim is still splendid nonetheless. Again he is connecting on over 70 % of his shots. He is very foul prone though, fouling out in every game except for one, which also hurts his statistics and production. So being less aggressive defensively would be wise for him.

Ludovic Vaty (88) PF/C 6’9 Orleans (2/8)

Ludovic VatyLudovic VatyThis is a breakout season for Vaty so far, 15 minutes nearly 8 points and 5 boards with good numbers of 63% from the field and 83 % from the line. He is really coming into his own having a superb stretch in November with two monster outings of 14 and 7 in Partizan in front of some NBA scouts, there to watch Vesely, and an even better 15 and 10 game against Spanish powerhouse Malaga the following week. Should be primed for a stellar career in Europe with a borderline NBA chance if he keeps improving.

Georgi Shermadini (89) C 7’1 Panathinaikos (3/2)

After starting the season on a positive swing, the Georgian big man's numbers have taken a big hit lately. For the season he's averaging only 9 minutes, which is not ideal for his development. His production is good with 5 pts and 3 boards, with superb % from close and good % from the line. He looks a little stiff sometimes and his block numbers suggest that he will never be more than the earthbound athlete he is now. His numbers will likely drop a little more as the season will progress and Pana is more into winning it all, than letting youngsters learn the ropes.

Martinas Gecevicius (88) G 6’3 Lietuvos (4/9)

Breaking out of the gates with stunning shooting numbers, that turned some heads. The Lithuanian SG has come back down to earth a bit. Anyway his 33 minutes a night with averages of 13 pts and 3 boards and 3 assists a night are a nice commodity for a European team to have and on top of that he has yet to miss a FT while connecting on 46% of his threes. Sensational season so far.

Augusto Lima (91) PF/C 6’8 Unicaja (5/13)

Playing in only 3 games so far, this youngster is making a splash. 7 pts , 3 boards and 60 % from the field has opened up some eyes and make him this report's high riser. He is still young and his body needs some more work, but numbers like that on a quality team like Malaga aren't to be overlooked.

Vladimir Dasic (88) F 6’9 Real Madrid (6/3)

Has only seen the floor in 3 out of 6 games for a paltry 20 total minutes. If he hadn't had that big game against doormat Oldenburg, his minutes and production would be considered really poor. Anyway averages of 4 pts and 2 reb look better on paper than on the floor.

Kosta Papanikolaou (90) SF 6’7 Olympiacos (7/4)

Right now the game at this level is too fast and athletic for this youngster. His minutes dropped from game to game but at least he gets a little playing time, mostly in meaningless minutes, on this contending team. To get to learn the environment this season will be a good experience. Taking the next step has to come next season, as he is still so young. Hopefully he is not stepping into the same trap that Alexey Shved has fallen into.

Bangali Fofana (89) C 7’0 Asvel (8/11)

He rebounds at a nice rate in his 12 minutes a night. If he can further figure out how to make use of his good size (offensively), he can improve on his stats.

Bojan Bogndanovic (89) SG 6’7 Cibona (9/7)

He gets good minutes for a youngster with 18 a night but for someone who makes his living as a shooter and thereby takes more threes than layups: to only connect on 18% is miserable. Even more disappointing is the fact that he has only connected on 40% of his FTs. It's a mental thing for him right now. This just doesn't happen to real good shooters.

Adrien Moerman (88) 6’7 Orleans (10/12)

He is playing major minutes with 17 a night, but his 20 % on FG and 27 % on threes do not show that he ready for prime competition, and his poor 1.8 rebound average for a player that has been known for his hustle and energy is disappointing.

Alexey Shved (88) SG/PG 6’6 CSKA (11/6)

Had no future this season on CSKA and has been loaned to in town rival Dynamo for the rest of the season. He will compete in the EuroCup further more. Hopefully he will get some time to shine there. Look for him in the EuroCup report going forward.

Artem Zabelin (88) 7’1 F CSKA (12/5)

Sill is not able to get any minutes, even with CSKA going Russian.

Watch List

Ricky Rubio (90) G 6'5 Barca

Is doing okay, but not up to his and our standard. Sure he is averaging 20 minutes with 5 pts., 5 assists and 3,5 reb, but we have come to expect so much more from him. He went scoreless in one game for crying out loud. Still to average this type of versatile numbers as a starter on a contender, he has no peer in his age group in Euroleague.

Patrick Beverly (88) G 6'1 Olympiacos

Mr. Consistency.5 pts, 2,5 boards in 16 minutes with excellent numbers on a contending team. This guy is in for a great career in Europe, maybe down the line a backup bench spot in the league.

Nick Calathes (89) G 6'4 Panathinaikos

Poor season so far for this prospect. 16% on threes and less than 40% on his free throws are killing all chances for him to take over the PG position for Coach Obradovic. On days when he focuses on setting people up, he gets good results and up to 20 minutes. When he decides to play for himself, which was mostly the case so far, he only get 10 minutes. If you can not get your shot falling in Europe, how will this translate to the deeper NBA line? Undrafted Milenko Tepic is looking like more of an NBA prospect right now.


Leon Radosevic (90) C 6’9 Cibona

Playing in all games so far for an average of 15 minutes, with one monster outing showing his potential. This guy has some real intruige.

Branislav Dekic (91) F 6’9 Partizan

A nice season so far averaging 4 pts in 10 minutes on good shooting numbers. His rebounding is nonexistent due mainly to his slim body.

Tomislav Zubcic (90) SF 6’11 Cibona

Rather disappointing showing so far for this big man project. He can not finish around the rim: 27%, even worse from three-point-land 18% and not one single FT attempt in 10 minutes per game nor can he rebound enough to justify anything more than he is playing right now.

Johwe Casseus (89) C Orleans

Is by no means ready for men's competition yet.
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all hype! I wonder if the nba game will suite his game beter.

The Hoops Manifesto
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Hopefully people won't let international stats mislead them about a player like they did with Brandon Jennings. Totally different game overseas than in the NBA.

Jeff Fox

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Nick Calathes Was Overrated As A Draft Prospect

I am not the least bit surprised to read about the poor performance of Calathes. I watched him at Florida and thought he was an excellent college PG. However, I didn't see much, other than his passing skills, which made me think he could excel in the NBA.

I debated with people last June, saying there was no way he belonged in the first round as some draft websites had him listed. He went #45 in the draft, which I thought was just about right. Of course he went to the Timberwolves who must want every PG in the draft on their squad.

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