0-18 Nets Cont. (JOE WOLF)

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0-18 Nets Cont. (JOE WOLF)

I'm from Denver that team was painfully bad. But the next year I believe they got much when if i remember correctly they traded for Nick Van Exle, drafted Reaf LaFrantz who was pretty good his rookie year before he got hurt, and signed Antonio McDyess an all-star in his prime. The Nets can do the same thing.

1st. High Draft Pick- Lotto means everything, they are hoping for John Wall if not that Derrick Favor or Devin Ebanks.
2nd. Devin Harris- If you win the lotto you trade him, John Wall is simply to good. If not you keep him. Maybe a sign and trade for Joe Johnson? Ideas Please
3rd. Sign Big Name Free Agent- In this order LeBron, Bosh, Dwade, Amare

Best Case
John Wall
Joe Johnson maybe Devin Harris
LeBron James
Yu Jianlian
Brook Lopez

That's a Championship in three years at the latest and a lot in the future

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