Random question... NFL running backs.

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Random question... NFL running backs.

Who's better? Adrian Peterson from the Vikings or Chris Johnson from the Titans?

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Can't go wrong with either of them

CJ is fast. If he sees an open field its over. AP is strong and can break a lot of tackles. So I'll say CJ is better for now since AP has like the best OL in football.

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The vikes are far from the

The vikes are far from the best Oline in football. I am a huge vikings fan and that is where we seem to be struggling, run blocking. CJ has more speed and quickness but AD has more power and a violent running style. That being said, AD also fumbles a lot which is a big weakness in his game and does not always wait for his blocks to develop. CJ is a much better receiver out of the backfield and I feel he has an edge over AD at this point. If AD can control his fumbles and find a way to beat the 8 man fronts, he will again be placed on a pedestal above the rest.

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