Best 2010 Draft PF/Centers

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Best 2010 Draft PF/Centers

Who will come out of the 2010 draft as the top 5 PF/Centers in the draft? just wantin to know everyones opinions. there are so man PG/SG i wanna talk Big Men

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i think there is more pf/c than pg/sg but anyways i think derrick favours will be the best in this draft thats if he comes out

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Well - I like Greg Monroe

Well - I like Greg Monroe and Gani Lawal. - but 20 & 10 means little in college.

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I think Greg Monroe will be

I think Greg Monroe will be a better pro then Cole Aldrich

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Favors & Aldrich should be

Favors & Aldrich should be ahead of the class

I really like Aldrich, hes not a potential guy, but you know what he'll bring to the table night in and night out
Brook Lopez is a good comparison for him
He'll have a good impact on whatever team he gets drafted by

Another guy I really like is Larry Sanders, dudes wingspan is ridiculous, his defense is NBA ready imo
Needs to work on his offensive game, and rebounding mechanics...but has tons of potential, Tyrus Thomas-like

I get tons of crap when I say this, but Greg Monroe is overrated...I dont see what everybody else does

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Chris Singleton ( I think he

Chris Singleton ( I think he is a better prospect than his teammate Alabi)

Derrick Favors (could become a scary pro eventually)

Chris Wright (physical specimen, a little older but he gets the job done)

Larry Sanders (so much upside & length)

Jerome Jordan ( a little underrated due to the conference he plays in probably, still he has experience & will make an impact in the pros)

 I like those 5 (not in any particular order).

I'm not real high on Monroe, Aldrich, Brackins, or Alabi. I'm kinda neutral on Ed Davis right now.

Patterson is solid but I wouldn't take him early in the 1st round.  

Cousins has been pretty impressive in spurts but he doesn't seem to be a very smart player.  His attitude/IQ/work ethic could hurt his stock. As of right now I wouldn't pick him early to mid first round.

Still waiting to see how Sidney looks. 

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1.D.Favors 2.R.Sidney 3.E.Dav


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