James Harden

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James Harden

Comes off the bench and in 26 minutes pours in 25 pts on 8-11 shooting and 4-6 from deep range, 2nd good performance in a row, do u think they continute to bring him off the bench like this or if he keeps stringing games like this together will they put him in the starting line

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he'll start and thabo will be backup sg/sf

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shaking my head

I was just sitting here wearing my official Durant green and gold from the farewell season and wondering what might have been. Damn if Seattle had Sam Presti, instead of Wally Walker. Harden Is going to be good, that 1-2-3 lineup will be tall and athletic when he matures into starter minutes playing interchangeably on the court with Durant against certain teams. Harden has "old man game" and I mean that in the best way he killed them in the Pac 10 because he was so smooth. If the Sonics in Hiatus can land a PF mid first round 2010 with decent game look out. You know the rebounding, mid range shooting, cleanup the trash kind Look Out!

I am not saying it is realistic or even a competitive team but how much fun would it be to watch D'antoni coaching Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Green, and a mobile big!

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I bet they keep him on the

I bet they keep him on the bench. They've got enough scoring in their starting lineup, and thabo is proving to be a great defender...harden can come in off the bench and take a majority of the shots with the second team and is an above average playmaker too. He could be very dangerous...ginobli-esq

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Harden looks good. Even

Harden looks good. Even better then I thought coming out of ASU. It doesn't really matter if he starts this year, he is gonna get 25-30 minutes even off the bench becuase he is earning it. Eventually he will be the starter for this organization. I knew he was a knockdown shooter and that would be one of his biggest strengths, but I'm surprised how well he is beating guys off the dribble and not allowing defenders to fluster him into some bad decisions/turnovers.

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just take a look his per

just take a look his per 48min

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Yeah, great selection by the

Yeah, great selection by the Thunder

'Reke might be the better player, but Harden is a way better fit for the thunder team

He gets alot of good looks with most of the defenses attention going to Durant and Westbrook...

That'll be a trio of the next decade, Westbrook, Harden, Durant

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He's one of those players

He's one of those players that smart and fluid enough to get by without a high level of speed and leaping ability. He rarely makes mistakes out there, that's what makes him so good. Along with him not having very many weaknesses as a player.

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hes just a very solid

hes just a very solid player. he will fit in absolutely perfect with the thunder. he has an extremely high basketball IQ and does pretty much everything well. this team is gonna be scary

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Future is bright in Oklahoma

I agree, Westbrook, Harden, Durant and Green could be a problem in the Western Conference for years to come. If the already forgotten monster BJ Mullens can pan out to be at least average, this team could be a contender within' 3 or 4 years. Durant is just too hard to match up with.

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I agree with all of it.. i

I agree with all of it.. i know its biased cuz im a thunder fan, but still I'm really excited to see what this team can do.. hopefully they hit a playoff spot this year because they have been playing really well.. I expected their start to be around 4-9 but they are 7-6.. Defense has been key for them and adding a shooter in Harden makes this team special. That was the one thing that we needed last year was a 3 point shooter and we've got him. 6-7 against orlando and 4-6 yesterday... As for the question you've asked, I believe that he will start because of his outside presence as well as high basketball IQ. thabo is an energy guy that would do well off the bench..

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