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Are they forreal? I don't think they are title contenders but I think they could knock off 1 of the big 3. They have a lot of skilled players and crawford gives them some serious firepower off the bench. They have been in the playoffs 2 years now and I think they may be ready to step up. Does anybody agree?

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Yes I agree they have definitely stepped it up a lot and Title Contenders? Maybe who knows its the NBA where amazing happens, they could make a run for it, they may not go farther in the playoffs then they did this year, right now they have the best record in the East, how long it will last is up to them.Crawford was a great asset to this team and Josh Smith and Johnson have stepped their games up.

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atleast hes getting credit for being a good scorer. proves the theory wrong that the best player from a terrible player is average. crawford is sixth man this year

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the NBA where amazing

the NBA where amazing happens, joe johnson has stepped up his passing game giving Josh Smith alley oops a lot

looks like set plays but he's executing very nicely

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They will not make it past

They will not make it past the 2nd round IMO. They've gotten better but still aren't ready to go outbeat the celtics or magic in 5 or 6 games in the conference finals.

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Yeah they could beat

Yeah they could beat them....Will they thats a different story, but they are close to that level....I think theyre a better team then the Spurs

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One thing's for sure though

Jamal Crawford will finally get Playoff Experience after being sent to lottery teams in his 9 year career...

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