I Heard Cleveland may sign Iverson....But 1st he needs a SLAP across his HEAD

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I Heard Cleveland may sign Iverson....But 1st he needs a SLAP across his HEAD

Losing out on Stephen Jackson..Cleveland might set their sight on Iverson....They could use his playmaking skills when Lebron's out of the game.....

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That's a great idea if

the Cavs want an unhappy Shaqalier, AI and LBJ. This would be a horrible match for both sides because even if Iverson said he could be happy as a reserve on THIS team would you believe him? After the first Mo Williams bad game and Iverson gets a few extra minutes where he does well he will want to start and say "this is what happens when I get minutes, I don't think I'm being utilized properly." LBJ is a leader by example, leads by his greatness, not by telling people like AI to stfu.

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Why? So he can &$#%#&@!

Why? So he can &$#%#[email protected]! about not starting over Mo Williams? The guy has proven himself to be an a$$hole. Actually, he's worse than that. He's an a$$hole who's way past his prime but won't accept that and refuses to accept his role. Any team that signs him will regret it, just like Detroit and Memphis. Mark it down.

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Right now Iverson is

Right now Iverson is deciding whether or not he can stomach coming off of the bench. If he decides he can't, then he'll retire. If decides he can, then he'll sign with a playoff team/contender and do what is asked of him. I doubt he retires because he still has plenty of game left.

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I think AI would come off the bench if there are players he respects such as LeBron and Shaq and. Iverson always talks about how much he respects Shaq.

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I remember Iverson saying

I remember Iverson saying that he would retire whenever he wasn't the 1st or 2nd guy that opposing teams game planned against. Let's see if he holds true to his words.

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iverson a good fit no one

iverson a good fit no one can create their own shot besides lebron mo williams isnt reliable {magic series}

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