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The knicks blow, but how about a bright spot in Toney Douglas. Looks like he might be a big part of their future and a steal of the draft.

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Relax it was early a losing streak will make you look bad.

I don't know about steal but he'll be a good player, thankfully they didn't sign Iverson which would've taken mins away from him. The Knicks aren't as bad as ppl think just look at their last 2 games, defense got better more ft attempts, less 3's taken.
Won on the road against a hot Indy team and beat yeah I know the Nets are winless but they had Harris back.
This team obviously isn't close to being elite or very good but once Curry and Nate get back in the rotation they'll probably win as many games as they did last year. One thing you know they were bound to improve on was the shooting %, last year it was 44.5 overall and 36 on 3's so you the awful shooting wouldn't last.

So many teams in the East are overrated the Wizards, Bobcats, Pistons.
Their definately not the worst team in the league either.

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