Oden and Przybilla combo

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Oden and Przybilla combo

Greg Oden has certainly improved this season. Although, he isn't close to the dominant expectations given to him as the #1 pick of 2007. The question that I ask: Is that really a problem for Portland? Portland has plenty of scoring( Roy, Aldridge) and the X-Factor Joel Przybilla! Oden and Przybilla combine to be one of the best defensive centers of the modern era. Those two centers give Portland 11.7 pts, 17.1 rebounds and 3.57 blocked shots per game in 41.7 minutes of action. I'm confident Greg Oden will continue his improvement, and I know Portland probably won't be able to hold on to Przybilla forever, but for the time being it seems to be a pretty good fit. A little more offense would be nice, but when you have two 20 point scorers on your team is it really a problem? Also, Przybilla shoots 75% from the free throw line and Oden shoots 81%.

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great combo. neither will be

great combo. neither will be an offensive powerhouse although oden will score more points off of mostly put backs. cant really beat what they bring to the table as centers

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This is a great combo but if

This is a great combo but if I was Portland and planning for the future I would see what I could get for Pryzabilla. A lot of teams could use a Center like him. I am not saying they should give him away though because his deal is pretty good and Portland have draft picks but if they could add someone that could help this this year but contract was expiring, it would be something to look at

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i like the combo and keep

i like the combo and keep both..they arent hurting for another starter so i wouldnt trade him for another back up..since oden is known to get injured its a great insurance policy because when hes in they dont drop off to far

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Joe Przybilla Loves Portland

I'm not making any kind of judgment on the combo, but I know for a fact that Joe Przybilla loves the Portland area and wants to spend his entire career in that part of the country.

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Need more

12 pts need lil more than that esp. since most of the team shoots jump shots. There 20th in ppg and last year were 14th.
The defense has done well but they need to get better on offense.

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The rebound and block numbers are nice. i'm not too concerned about the points because that team has so many options, but it would be nice if they could combine for at least 16 points. I don't see Pryzbilla really improving anymore, though he has become way better than I would have imagined. I think the key to those numbers going up is Oden staying out of foul trouble. If he could do that I could realistically see them adding at least 4 more rebounds and another block a game.Lots of teams in the league don't even have one half way decent center but this team has two. It's a shame that Aldridge plays so soft for a 7 footer, because it would be nice to see him occasionally rotate at the 5 with this team like Pau Gasol does, but they would never grab a rebound with him there..

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You need to understand that

You need to understand that portland plays a very slow pace, which makes their ppg seem low, however last year their teamfg% was 8th in the league...from there one can draw the conclusion that they have a strong offense.

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Good take joe

Everyone has talked about how Greg Oden not being an offensive presence but he really makes up for it on D... Not to mention Pryzbilla having complimented him most of the time... They are a powerful combo and they are the core to Portland's defense... They really don't need a Chris Kaman-type of Center since they got plenty of options in Aldridge and Roy... What Oden and Pryzbilla do are dirty works downlow...

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