hornets vs clippers

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hornets vs clippers

i didnt watch the whole game but i watched alot and once again i must say the clippers have no one who has that sense of urgency to take over(gordan has the ability but h seems content to play it safe and according to some clipper fans let the vets NOT take charge)..with gordan hurt no one took over . my guess is once blak comes back he will try to take over games and not leave it too the vets to win games because the vets havnt shown they want that responsibility..from what i seen davein brown looked pretty good, hes always had talent though.chris paul was chris paul and david west did his thing. d.jordan played the hit man and seemed to have the mission of comming in and foul who ever wheneve. kaman is continuing to play pretty well and will be fighting for that allstar game...but once again the clippers lost to a team thats not at the bottom

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