NCAA Junior Rankings - Class of 2011, Updated

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 12:05am

NCAA Junior Rankings - Class of 2011

The junior class features solid depth and some standout talent and should produce around 8-10 first rounders this year and another 5-8 the following year.

Patrick PattersonPatrick PattersonWesley Johnson has emerged as our #1 junior after a blazing start lighting up Madison Square Garden in Syracuse's win over North Carolina (25 and 8). His combination of length, athleticism and shooting ability is tantalizing to scouts due to his multitude of skills. Besides Wall, Johnson has been the most impressive player after 2 weeks.

Statistically, no one has been better than Ohio State guard Evan Turner, who is averaging an astounding 20.6 ppg, 13.8 rpg, and 7 apg through 5 games. His rebounding numbers are sure to drop but he should be able to keep his scoring and assist numbers relatively close after being given the keys to the Buckeye offense and running the show from the point guard position.

On on hand he gets comparison's to Portland's Brandon Roy due to his great ability to create. On the negative side, scouts complain about his ability to play off the ball, and the fact that he at times appears to be too ball dependent.

Turner and Johnson could be in a battle all year for top junior prospect and a team may ultimately decide between the two based on whether they prefer a player who excels with the ball in his hands (Turner) or one who plays better off the ball (Johnson).

This class also has a lot of front court talent with two players that anchor title contenders in Cole Aldrich and Patrick Patterson. Aldrich has gotten off to a slow start but is sure to get things ironed out before too long. While he lacks tremendous athleticism, his size/strength and offensive development make him very intriguing. Patterson appears to be a man on a mission showing a vastly improved jumpshot with range out to college three point land.

Iowa State's Craig Brackins turned down a shot to be a likely top 20 pick in 2009 and will try to lead the Cyclones into the tournament as well as claim a spot in the lottery. He's got the versatility to score inside and out.

VCU's Larry Sanders is an absolute freak of nature with a 7-7 wingspan on a 6-10 frame. While his offensive skills are still a work in progress, he's improving steadily and has the ability to be a force on the defensive end and rebounding. His detractors wonder if he's just a less skilled version of Taj Gibson.

Duke's Kyle Singler has become, in many people's minds, the most complete player in the country. After playing his first two seasons in the paint, Singler is finally playing his more natural pro position on the perimeter. While he's not going to blow anyone away with his athleticism, his feel for the game and all around skills should make him successful at the next level.

Oklahoma State shooting guard James Anderson's patience in not leaving for the NBA is about to pay off as the experience and confidence he's gained will make the transition to the next level much easier. His NBA size and athleticism combined with his excellent shooting ability gives him a great chance to be a first rounder.

Michigan State is a team with a great chance to cut down the nets in Indianapolis this season. With tremendous athleticism, Durrell Summers has emerged as the Spartans top prospect. Another national championship for Tom Izzo and a strong performance would surely boost Summers draft stock.

Georgia Tech's Gani Lawal entered the draft as a sophomore but his body strength proved to be an issue as he put on too much weight and the results were apparent with his terrible combine numbers. He is a bubble first rounder and may always struggle with the strength of NBA bigs but scouts note his strong character and work ethic.

NCAA Junior Rankings - Class of 2011

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I'm pretty sure your #44

I'm pretty sure your #44 ranked junior was a lottery pick by the Warriors in June.

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That explains why he is so far down in the rankings

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Nice Catch
Stephen Curry -  Steven Gray, same difference, no?  Just kidding. We had Gray's name spelled wrong (Grey) and for some reason instead of giving an error message the system grabbed Stephen Curry. Damn technology. Anyway, thanks for pointing out the error.
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