Can Louis Williams get some love?

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Can Louis Williams get some love?

My friends called me crazy when I said he can be just as good as (Maybe not better) Monta Ellis if givin the minutes and rite now he is exceeding expectations. I know its just 3 games in but he looks real good so far and had a great game with 27pts 10rebs 7 ass with just 2 to against the scrapy knicks.

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I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you here. He only needed minutes to be productive. This move will pay dividends for the Sixers in the long run.

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I agreed with everything up

I agreed with everything up untill you said "the scrappy Knicks", I think you meant crappy.

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^ The Knicks were very

^ The Knicks were very competitive against us today, they didn't defend but they had firepower on offense. But everyone played great offensively against them, and Lou is getting better every time I watch at setting up guys and running the PG the right way. This move is paying dividends, and he's looking great offensively. He just HAS to get better on D, where he's looking like a fish out of water to put it mildly.

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lou williams

i think Lou Williams will have a better future in the long run vs Monta. I think Lou is more about team ball than Monta

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I say he can be as good. but

I say he can be as good. but Monta has a higher ceiling overall

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Ellis is better but its yeah its

True William is nice, the Knicks played better D tonite but Philly was just hittin everything esp. early.
Hard to gauge any pg after they outplay Duhon which isn't a big feat but yeah Williams looked good.
No wonder they let Miller go, Portland is stupid wasted money on him.

Gallinari was nice again and he drove to the hoop too just gettin started feels like he's a rookie almost.
If only Chandler and Nate played better. If only the rest of the team stop taking so many 3's. Giving up too many alley oops and easy shots in the paint they desperately need a shot blocker even more than a pg.

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i think hes good but i cant

i think hes good but i cant take hi stats too serious against the knicks since they dont know the meaning of defense

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Lou Williams

He is an intriguing point guard... He proved me right when he blew up against the Knicks and he is still developing at 23 years old... So, I expect a lot of improvement coming from Lou now that Andre Miller is gone... No doubt, he should get some love from us here...

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Lou Will has played with and

Lou Will has played with and been coached by some great guards since being drafted. He was coached by Mo Cheeks and played behind A.I. and Andre Miller. He learned a lot and I really think this is his opportunity to shine.

He's more of a scoring point guard, but I expect his point guard skills and defense to improve as the seasons goes along.

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HEY! HEY! HEY! Wait, they


Wait, they played the KNICKS............Yes the KNICKS.

The place everyone goes to put up their career high in #'s, the place where they could care less about D. I like him but he is no Monta Ellis.

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