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What's going on with portland I like a lot of their players but the coach and gm r starting to make some dumb moves. Why didn't thy try to trade aldrige and outlaw for amare? He is dominant and doesn't just shoot jumpers like aldrige. Also they should have never got miller they should have just started bayless he is a dynamic young player and they don't need a true point cuz that's what roy is n their offense. They could also trade for a sf with shooting a defense and they would be a complete team. Oden would be able to just blocks shots and rebound maybe get some garbage buckets and not looked upon to do so much he wouldn't have as much pressure on him. Miller is going to kill their team and bayless will never develope into the player he can be. Any thoughts?

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Well for one, Amare isn't getting younger and he has BAD KNEES. Lets not forget Amare recently had that surgery. I also believe in that trade they had to give up Bayless for it too work and I've heard many stories that Bayless is working as hard as he can. Pretty much Portland will be giving up too much.

Aldridge is going to be very decent, if not close to a 20ppg 10rpg type guy. Don't bring in Amare and mess up the chemistry. Let all the young players (Roy,Aldridige,Oden) all mesh together and create something special themselves. LaMarcus hasn't even reached his peak yet.

You're saying Bayless won't reach his peak? If Portland doesn't play him or he doesn't get playing time then yes he'll rot on the bench, but if he is given playing time this guy will be a good player in the league. Bayless is working as hard as he can.

That is why i DON'T agree with you when you say Portland is making dumb moves, cause when they kept Aldridge that was a smart move.

Portland's dumb moves, in my opinion are and Tezo83 stated most of them the other day was:

• getting Andre Miller just to be a bench player
• mishandling the Darius Miles saga, when Portland threatened to sue any team if they just picked up Miles to be the Blazers over the salary cap
• waiting so long to give Roy and Aldridge long term contracts.

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I think what he's saying is

I think what he's saying is if Bayless stays in Portland he'll be buried on the bench. I think they should trade him also, 'cause this kid is up there with all of the other guards picked last year. His explosiveness and first step are bananas, and if given the chance he'll put up numbers.

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Amare is expiring...why

Amare is expiring...why would they trade Aldridge who they can have for a long time to play with Broy, for one year with amare...

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im a portland fan and i

im a portland fan and i would have been real mad if we traded LA and Bayless for amare. alderidge is gona keep developing an inside game and he already has one of the nicest shots out of all pf in the league. all the blazers need out of their pg is to bring the ball up the court and hand it off to roy. i think bayless will ball soon enough he just has to learn a little more

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Agree with dtay. It doesn't make sense to trade for Amare, I think he's much better that Aldridge, but I doubt he would stay in Portland after the year. I also agree with the point is all the Blazers need is someone to bring the ball up the court and hand it to Roy. I mean seriously, in the NBA there is hardly any real pressure that is put on the ball handler and if it is, it's not until they pass half court and start inching towards the 3 point line. So realistically they just need someone to bring the ball up. I always thought that was a good reasoning for playing Roy with Fernandez more often, but it doesn't seem likely.

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You sir have no idea what

You sir have no idea what you're talking about. Amare will not stay in Portland for more than one year. He will most likely bolt to the knicks or some other team that don't play defense. Only mistake I feel this team made was not trading Raef Lafrenfz or w/e his last name is for a small forward like VC, Jefferson, or Caron Butler.

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