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I think it is pretty much safe to say that one of the top five teams will win the championship this year. Those teams being lakers, spurs, cavs, celtics, and magic. My question is whos ring is the most important? which one will mean the most?

Kobes 5th - will continue his domination and will try to pass MJ

Duncans 5th - imo doesnt need another one but its not like it would hurt. he is already one of the best bigmen to ever play.

Howards 1st . this guy is so good for his age its scary. big men win champions. expect a few in his career

Lebrons 1st - needs it so he can prove he is the best.

Shaqs 5th - gets one more step ahead of kobe

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Good Post

Good post. I would say that it is pretty close between Howard and Lebron. I might be the only one that thinks this, but the Orlando team as currently constructed probably has to win it all this year or next year and then their window is closed. Howard is already a championship caliber center, at least in today's NBA, I just don't see the rest of the guys around him getting much better as time goes on. If Lebron can win a ring for Cleveland, then he can finally leave with a good conscience and then I think his comparisons to other greats start to mean a lot more at this early stage in his career. This time has only this year in my opinion to win it all and that's a lot of pressure. The other guys have so many that I think they have cemented their legacy, but I think Kobe would be the next most important because of the MJ comparisons and I think in his mind it would make him that much better to be able to win two without Shaq.

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i think the most important

i think the most important ones would be lebron / any other potential FA because if lebron doesnt win a ring this year hes gonna walk....and that could alter the league more than anybody else...

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what is it with this thinking that if lebron "wins 1 for cleveland" he can leave with a guilt free conscience? doesn't it make sense that if he actually gets a ring with cleveland, he should probably stick around because they are a championship caliber team and have shaq's 20mil contract coming off the books?

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