Big Diesel Shaq fully charged to carry Cavs to NBA championship

THE REST of the teams had 101 reasons to fear the Cleveland Cavaliers in the incoming National Basketball Association (NBA) season.
Aside from Lebron "King" James, the heir apparent of his airness Michael "Air" Jordan the Cavaliers also have its roster this year Shaquille "Big Diesel" O'Neal, considered as one of the top centers in the history of the NBA games.
O'Neal, holder of four NBA championship rings consisting of three from Los Angeles Lakers in tandem with Kobe Bryant and one from the Miami Heat in cohort with Dwayne "Flash" Wade, is acquired by Cavaliers during the off-season via a trade.
The superstar center is expected to team up with James to give the Cavaliers its first ever championship trophy this NBA season.
The veteran center is also fully motivated this year and is in clean bill of health to actively help James carry their team to the top of the NBA this season.
At the Cavaliers training camp, O'Neal surprised everybody when he showed up and played great by showcasing semblance of his dominant self.
Despite his age, Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown is confident O'Neal still got the skills to carry the team to a terrific season this year.
Brown himself is excited upon seeing O'Neal showing up healthy during training camp and has high hopes that the popular center is the missing link for the team to get its first ever championship ring.
Both James and O'Neal are happy about this team up this season and vowed to give their 100 percent every game to bring their team to the promise-land this NBA season.
James considered as the top NBA player in this generation had been the face of the Cavaliers in his young career.
However, despite his athletic skills he had not been successful in leading his team to its first ever championship.
With the arrival of O'Neal who is a proven veteran and scorer many basketball experts are predicting that the Cavaliers can finally nail its first ever trophy this season.
Cavaliers fans who had long been supporting the team in its campaign are in for a surprised this incoming NBA season.

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