Kobe Trash Talks Carmelo !

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Kobe Trash Talks Carmelo !


LOL.. Why does Kobe always do that thing with his mouth like whenever he looses a game a something, he does something weird with his mouth LOL. As for the trash talking, I wanna see what Carmelo has to say about this.

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haha idk if thats gonna

haha idk if thats gonna warrant a response....minor minor trash talking....besides all I've ever heard was how close the two of them were ecspecially during the Olympics...Minor gamesmanship.....You wanna see trash talk, YouTube Michael Jordan HOF Speech

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Its all in good fun i think.

Its all in good fun i think. The things he said made me laugh and they are friends so its like dishing between friends Carmello will have some good jokes back at him that will make Kobe say shamWOW

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there was nothing to this.

there was nothing to this. It was to promote him and carmelo playing a video game. Kobe has called Carmelo the toughest player in the league for him to gaurd and they have always been real respectful of each other.

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this is a weak story

I'm sure some quick Pg's like Paul, Brooks, Harris would give him some troube.

J.R. Smith did pretty well against him in the WCF on offense at least.

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Kobe is just poking abit of

Kobe is just poking abit of fun. Just like if you beat your friend in a game of something you don't let them forget and when they beat same thing.

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This is pretty minor. They are friends off the court. And it's true. The Nuggets have lost to the Lakers twice in the post season. To quote Nature Boy Ric Flair, "To be the man. You've got to beat the man."

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