which is the better young core?

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which is the better young core?

conely - grizzlies

gordon - clippers

evans - Kings

westbrook - thunder

curry - warriors

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1. Thunder 2. Grizzlies 3.

1. Thunder
2. Clippers
3. Grizzlies.\
4. Warriors
5. Kings

not saying the Kings have a bad core..just not as good a the other 4, imo

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OKC Thunder

OKC Thunder

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1.) Thunder 2.)

1.) Thunder
2.) Clippers

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just clarifying,


i didn't put any of these teams in specific order, i just listed them haha.

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1. Thunder 2a. Clippers 2b.

1. Thunder
2a. Clippers
2b. Warriors
4. Grizzlies.
5. Kings

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Grizzles have every position

Grizzles have every position filled, but Gasol nor Thabeet can play the four so I guess not...and the problem with Mayo is do you put him at Point?
Clippers have their dominate big men and their two guard, but I'm not fond of Mr. Thorton...
Kings by far have the worse team makeup...Isn't Martin like 26? If so, might as well include the Blazers.
Thunder...Perfect Team, if only Green could bang with the fours...no way it could go wrong. If Mullens pans out...scary
Warriors - Good Team, but Randolph gets no love, Ellis and Curry are both scoreres, and Biedrins could be just successful in a Run and Gun system.
I'd go
Thunder, Grizzles, Clippers, Warriors, Kings

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They are set at every position.

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Thunder.. also dont forget

Thunder.. also dont forget morrow on the warriors.

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1. Clippers - Go ahead...

1. Clippers - Go ahead... Hate me and VENT! I have the Clippers at the top because of the POTENTIAL of their front court. Jordan and Griffin have the potential to cause serious problems due to their talent, athleticism and power. The only thing holding Jordan back from being Dwight Howard 2.0 is his work ethic and if this summer was any indication... He's on the right path. Oh... And throw in Gordon who's a beast... 6' 3" 226, unlimited shooting range and attacks the basket like a power forward. I have my doubts about Thornton, but anything he brings to the table is added bonus.

2. Thunder - Durant is a superstar and Westbrook has star written all over him (off the ball though... MY opinion), but I'm not sold on their front court. I'm not a believer in Mullens and I don't consider Kristic a "core" guy. I love Green's versatility, but he's not a power forward. Honestly, he's the same position as Durant. Harden was the right pick in the draft... They have the most talent, but I have the worst front court out of the five teams.

3. Warriors - I love Biedrins and Randolph in the front court. I think Randolph will be a star. It remains to be seen how Ellis and Curry play together, but if the chemistry is right... They could be explosive. You have to include Morrow as being a "core" guy. I'm not sold on Wright... I'm watching him closely this year.

4. Grizzlies - Mayo and Gay are obviously talented, but I don't think they compliment each other very well. Last season, they didn't seem to mesh well together and Gay faded during the second half of the season. The main reason they're at four is because I don't believe in their front court either. I think Gasol will be respectable, but I'm not sure about Thabeet. I don't like his mentality.

5. Kings - I almost put them at four because I like their front court better than the Grizzlies, but Mayo and Gay are just that much better than Evans and Martin. Evans is a talent, but he's a shoot first guard and I don't see how that'll benefit Martin.

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Thunder have hands down the

Thunder have hands down the best young core in the league, maybe even in the last 10 years

Clippers are 2nd. I love Griffin and Gordon together and i hope they trade away Camby so Jordan can get more minutes. He will be a beast eventually. I hate Thornton though. All he brings is scoring, even though he can't create his own shot.

Grizzlies. Even though I think Mayo should be played at pg, he is still a great shooting guard. Gay is a stud, but i agree that him and Mayo don't complement each other very well

Warriors. Randolph has scary potenital but i would like to see him do it against real competition and not just the summer league. I have my doubts about the Curry and Ellis backcourt. They are two 6' 3'' players who both need the ball to be good.

Kings. I really only like Tyreke and Spencer Hawes on this team. Thompson is overrated. He put up decent numbers last year because he was literally the only power forward on that team

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What about?

Blazers have a pretty solid young core.


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i wanna say the clippers but

i wanna say the clippers but with jordan is work ethic isnt that great and everyone says and list how hard they train during the summer and most people dont all of a sudden change if they are a hard worker or not. id probably have to give the edge to the thunder or grizz but its a slight 3 team race.. cant go with the warriors because monta is just a scorer, we dont know what curry will be and so far all randolph is is potenial and a summer leauge HOF that hasnt transferred it to the season

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