approve or disapprove .

as a commish so far.

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imo, I hate how you always

imo, I hate how you always make deals and try to sway ppl by bigging up your players

other then that....ur doing good

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APPROVEBy the way what


By the way what happened to Lion Pack? How come he isn't playing anymore? 

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i really dont knw why.

i really dont know what happen to lion pack.

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If or when Chicago uses its

If or when Chicago uses its amnesty provision on Boozer, Gibson would be an ideal candidate to start for the Bulls, and for quite a bit less money than Boozer is currently making.

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Kevin Garnett says he’s lost

Kevin Garnett says he’s lost Ray Allen’s phone number. Apparently Garnett’s friendship, as well as the admiration of millions of Celtics fans, went out the window when Allen decided to ditch the green and white for South Beach. While that doesn’t make him quite as reviled as LeBron James is in Cleveland, it has turned him into something of a villain in certain parts of the country. Despite the vitriol, Allen insists that the Celtics share just as much of the blame for him leaving

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