now that JC Navarro is a FA

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now that JC Navarro is a FA

think about this one guys, now that Juan Carlos Navarro is an UNRESTRICTED FA, would it be nice that he would play again in the NBA cause i really like how he plays the game. And for those Lakers fan like me wouldn't it be amazing that Navarro be on the team, cause he can provide the team some good shooting unlike Sasha"the Machine"Vujacic (who I think should be called "OUT of ORDER" now, cause you all see how his shooting declined) and also he passes the ball decently and best of all play with your best friend again now on a Championship caliber team unlike their previous team that they had played together.

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He would fit into their style offensively

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I will have to second that...The funny thing about the Lakers is that their bench was so much better the year that they faced the Celtics in the finals and lost. Last year it seemed like their bench guys lost their edge. I can only imagine how good they will be if their bench comes back to life and Bynum gets himself back together.

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Lakers bench was down hill

Lakers bench was down hill last year, obviously except Odom. But I truly belive Farmar will get it together. He just needs to have a little longer leash. Look how well he played in the houston playoff game when Fisher was suspended. 14 points, 6 assists and way better d then what fish was giving. Morrison and or vujacic need to come around as well. Walton is always solid. Honestly, the biggest difference in the lakers bench from '08 to '09 was Vujacic. He earned that big contract, then dissapeared last season.

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That would be a big acquisition

To have Juan Carlos Navarro, a proven vet and a terrific shooter, the Lakers would hands down be the team to beat and will edge out the Cavs and C's by a kilometer... He's a guy every coach would love to have... It will be a different atmosphere and a team capable of winning every night compared to his lone season with the Grizz... This would be a big signing should it happen... Sasha and Jordan needs to develop more... Sasha has not found his shot last season and is nowhere near the player he was when he entered the league... Farmar has to hone his skills as Derek Fisher is not getting any younger...

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navarro would be a great fit

navarro would be a great fit on the knicks

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He has a 5 year contract

He has a 5 year contract with 4 years left on it. He makes what would be like $10 million per year in NBA. His buyout costs $10 million dollars. He will not be in NBA again at least for another 4 years.

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