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okay you just been hire as the president of the phoenix suns. thats right the president of the phoenix suns. anyway the owner tells you . you have two years to build this team around.
so anyway he tells you can trade anybody and fire anybody. so you have a face to face meeting with steve kerr . the meeting goes well. but you tell kerr hes fire. then you have a meeting with the coach. now even though the season hasnt started you have your doubts about him. then on top of that you ear amare &$#%#[email protected]!ing about 2010. so what you do. would you trade amare and get value out of him while you can or would you try to resign him to a new contract. also what moves would you make and would you fire the coach and bring in someone diffrent.

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hah writing may not be your

hah writing may not be your strong suit....I would not trade Amare because i doubt you get fair value for him....Work on signing him to an extension during the season...if not trade him off season where you could get just as much as you could now...hopefully the Warriors are in contention and they offer the same package....Ok so now you have a nucleus of Nash, Biedrins, Brandan Wright, Earl Clark, Barbosa, Admunson, don't make the playoffs after dealing Amare so your in lottery for next year even with a good pick, this team is 2-3 from contending for a top 4 seed in the playoffs...Make no mistake the next time the Suns make the playoffs it will be with a completely different roster...Kerr did a number on this team

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Deal Nash, Amare, and

Deal Nash, Amare, and Richerdson for draft picks or young players. No sense in shelling out the big bucks for players who don't bring you to the playoffs.

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One thing that needs to be

One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that if you start making deals and try to blow it up this year, the Suns do not have a first round pick next year, so missing the playoffs doesn't help. I keep it together and blow it up in the off-season. I would like to keep Amare long term, he would be a focal point.

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I would keep Amare and I

I would keep Amare and I would trade Barbosa for a legit young promising point to back up Steve Nash. Nash is not going anywhere. I would have a line up of Nash, J Rich, Grant Hill, Channing Frye, Amare and I would have Robin Lopez, Earl Clark, Alando Tucker, Gerald Green( who I would sign) and some young promising point that I traded for. I would still have energy players in Louis A mundson and Taylor Griffin and Jared Dudley. I could also be Amundson in my second unit and move Tucker down some. Suns have a nice team but their back up point is not that good. Robin Lopez is not his brother but at worst he is only two year behind him offensively and he could take Frye's starting spot next to Amare. Earl Clark could eventually replace Grant Hill if not later this year. Tucker should show that he is worthy of a 1st round pick. Robin Lopez and Earl Clark are both athletes who can play some D and you put them in the front court with Amare and even if the Suns do not play D much they will have length and shot blocking ability and be very athletic.

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me and my girl did this same

me and my girl did this same role play last night!

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-Trade J-Rich and Louis Amundson and a 2nd Round pick to Denver for K-Mart and Sonny Weems
-Barbosa and Dragic to Clippers for Marcus Camby, DeAndre Jordan, and 2 2nd Round Picks
-Earl Clark and a 1st Round pick to Portland for Jerryd Bayless
-Steve Nash to LAL for Lamar Odom
-Amare, Sonny Weems and Jared Dudley to LAC for B.Diddy, Al Thornton, and Ricky Davis

Starting Lineup


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