Tyreke vs. Lance

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Tyreke vs. Lance

Who is going to have a better career in the NBA, Tyreke Evans or Lance Stephenson?I think Tyreke is better in every aspect of the NBA game and will flourish on a eam where he can run the point. Evans is a better passer than Stephenson and is overall more unselfish. Stephenson is basically a shooting guard who can't shoot, and when he plays point, he freezes out every other player on the court. His "me first and selfish attitude is what would kill an NBA team, especially one with a dominant big man that needs the ball to be fed to him. Stephenson is a homeless man's J.R. Smith in terms of skill and how he plays, and in terms of intangibles. His athleticism and shot are a whole tier below Smith's though but if I had to compare Stephenson to an NBA player it would be smith because of the selfishness and style that Stephenson has in his game. Reke is my pick for rookie of the year if hes starts at the point.

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Tyreke is way better hes

Tyreke is way better hes better in every part of his game.

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lance cant shoot? Thats

lance cant shoot? Thats news to me. I look at them as almost identical players. People had the same questions about Tyreke coming out of high school that they do of lance. Lance is gonna be great next year at Cinci, and play his way into the lottery

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Cant go wrong

I think its a push. Evans isnt exactly unselfish either too. Stephenson has a much better jump shot as well. Neither is that great an athlete, but they do both have powerful 1st steps. Stephenson is the more flashy/turnover prone passer, but Evans doesnt do anything out of the norm when passing. They both are long armed defenders who are more passing lane guys than lock-you-down-all-night players, and both are beasts on D when locked in. Stephenson is locked in less though. Both can play the 1-3 positions in spurts at a time. Stephenson has the worst demeanor on the court on the 2. Both have the potential to be #1 options offensively. Both get to the rim, Stephenson is a big bully while Evans is a shifty long strider. Evans is alot like Larry Hughes with a worse jumper, and Stephenson is like Paul Pierce.

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Of course Ty Ty, but that

Of course Ty Ty, but that isn't a fair comparison. Tyreke runs the point and is waaaaaay smarter than lance. lolz, Lance is actually pretty reckless.

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Wow I've never seen a a top

Wow I've never seen a a top ten high school senior get as much criticism as Lance. Take a look at Tyrek's performance in the MCD's game. He was jacking up step back jump shots and the announcers were basically calling him selfish. I'm going to wait untill the COLLEGE BASKETBALL season to make this judgement. From what I've seen I like Lance's game. I think he is just a Conney Island kid who has some growing up to do and who's young career has received too much publicity.

I think this a good comparison but I'll push until the season tips off. For now I'll take the underdog Lance.

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Both similar players but I

Both similar players but I like Tyreke as the better pro, slightly.

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