News about Ramon Sessions

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News about Ramon Sessions

I got this from Yahoo Sports.

Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:58 am EDT
Clippers not going hard after Ramon Sessions

By Mark Miller

The New York Knicks have made it clear to Milwaukee Bucks restricted free agent point guard Ramon Sessions that they really do like him, but they don't want to pay him anywhere close to the money he wants until after next summer's free-agent bonanza shakes out.

So it seems like a good opportunity for the Los Angeles Clippers to jump in and grab the man they've supposedly coveted this summer, right? Well, according to HoopsWorld, that isn't happening. The Clips, like the Knicks, are also supposedly waiting to see if Sessions will fall into their laps cheaply. The Clippers apparently don't want to lose anybody from the current roster and don't have a history of trading first-round picks, according to HoopsWorld. The team has supposedly engaged in some talks with the Bucks about a sign-and-trade deal for Sessions, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, but nothing appears close to actually happening.

Besides, the Clippers only have $39 million committed for the 2010-11 season, so they'll be in the mix for big-name free agents next summer as well if they don't add anything to the current roster.

It appears the 23-year-old Sessions just happened to become a restricted free agent in the wrong summer.

This is crazy. Iverson hasn't signed yet, Sessions hasn't signed yet. What's going on?

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Sessions could be a monster

Sessions could be a monster in 7SoL, he'd be smart to settle for whatever the Knicks are the end he'll make more anyways

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he could sign for one year

he could sign for one year in new york and test it again next summer. But the Bucks might just match the offer.

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restricted free agents

cant sign for one year, sorry.

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Shall he be cremated or

Edit never mind

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That Does Not Sound Right

Didn't Ben Gordon just sign a one year deal last year to stay with the Bulls? I am pretty sure that David Lee and Nate Robinson were both considering one year deals with NY and they are restricted. I don't think guys usually sign one year deals when they are restricted, but again, if you are going to leave your team, then it doesn't make a whole bunch of sense. If you are staying, you sign a one year deal because you want to be unrestricted next year. Slightly off the subject, but this whole restricted free agency thing combined with the economy is really changing the NBA. It made Josh Childress go and stay in Greece, Linus Kleiza left the NBA, and good players like David Lee, Raymond Felton and Sessions are still not signed yet. Teams need to stop being so scared and sign a guy if they really want him, especially at this point in the offseason.

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you can sign a one-year deal

you can sign a one-year deal with the team you were with... but the offer sheet from the other team has to be a multi-yr deal.

I think the one-yr deal can either be the qualifying offer or a different one-yr deal

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He can sign a two year deal

He can sign a two year deal with the second year being a team option or a player option depending on if he thinks he increased his worth with he should.

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