Perry Jones Interview

Wed, 08/26/2009 - 8:51pm Who has been your biggest role model?

Perry Jones: My Mom. She's always been there for me, reprimanding me in the times I did the wrong things and pushing me to strive to do even better when I did things well.

NBAD: Talk a little bit about growing up in Texas.

Perry JonesPerry JonesPJ: Growing up in Texas was tough since we were challenged financially. And when basketball came around things got tough since at first nobody wanted to take a chance on me. But eventually things started to turn around.

NBAD: At what point did you realize you had a gift for the sport of basketball?

PJ: In the 5th grade I started to notice I was pretty good. My mother really drove me to maximize my abilities.

NBAD: What goals do you have for this season at Duncanville?

PJ: Try to be a team leader. Trying to get my teammates involved. Winning the State Championship and being the best player ever at Duncanville.

NBAD: Baylor University should be a place where you can shine immediately. What convinced you that it was the right program for you?

PJ: Besides it being close to home, I like the facilities that they have. I also like that they have an up tempo program and they specialize in basketball. And I love the coaching staff and my parents love it as well.

NBAD: With great footspeed, length and ball handling ability, you have a game that is eerily similar to T-Mac. Do you pattern your game after anyone?

PJ: Kevin Durant. I love his game and I'm tall like him.

NBAD: Which do you put more stock into, playing with your high school team or your AAU team?

PJ: My AAU team. With my high school team I'm the biggest guy on the team so I'm asked to play inside. I usually get a chance to take big players off the dribble. That's what I'm used to, but posting up also helps out my game.

NBAD: You put on a show in Las Vegas in July. Do you feel like your game is really starting to come together?

PJ: Yeah I attribute that to just being more aggressive. Not being afraid of getting hurt or anything like that. And just feeling comfortable with my game, playing how I play. My high school coach told me to always play hard no matter what the game situation and I've followed that advice.

NBAD: Who's the top player you have faced?

PJ: Jared Sullinger. He can play, big body, strong. We definitely went hard when we faced each other.

NBAD: What aspect of your game do you feel needs the most work?

PJ: My jumpshot. I need to make it more consistent.

NBAD: What kind of daily routine do you have to improve your game?

PJ: Recently I've been able to get in the gym a lot and been doing a lot of work on my jumpshot. Other than that, if I'm at home I go to my Church where there's a gym and I work out and work on my stamina. Also working on my free throws. As far as shooting, I put time in on my pull up off the dribble as well as stationary shot, catch and shoot. Also practice my step back shot.

NBAD: What interests do you have outside of basketball?

PJ: Relaxing. Going out with friends and having a good time. I listen to music a lot. I like R&B and hip hop.

NBAD: Who's your pick to win the NBA Finals next year?

PJ: I'm gonna have to say the Lakers. Now that they added Artest. I think he'll help them bigtime.

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Nice Interview Aran...I

Nice Interview Aran...I wanted to know why he went to Baylor.

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My contacts told me he had a

My contacts told me he had a "sweet" deal to go to Baylor, giving a strong reason why he passed on the powerhouses for an average basketball school. Jones's AAU coach and also a close family friend will receive jobs at Baylor, and this seemed to be a large pull in bringing Jones to Baylor. Baylor tried similar type tactics to lure in John Wall, but ultimately failed there.

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your contacts would be completely wrong. There has never been a package deal with Perry Jones. He committed as a 9th grader and if you know anything about recruiting or basketball, you would know that Baylor is a team on the rise with a lot of complimentary talent to make a national title run. Bakari Turner- another Baylor commit is a close friend of Jones. But he is a legitimate D1 basketball player with a lot of offers. That is probably the "deal" you are referring to.

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perry jones haters

I would like to comment zruc57 why are you so hard on the Baylor situation with Perry jones.It makes me wonder is this personal to coach low or the kid.I don't think it's the kid because he is a wonderful kid.But is it personal to coach low? yes. This guy had this kid when he was a nobody basketball player and develop him into the player he is today. Coach low and this kid put in the hard work every chance they got and along with the other kids in his program.Lets talk about package deal that your so call sources has told you coach low got a sweet deal. Have you look at baylors staff is their any one on the staff affiliate with coach low? no, And if so, whats wrong with that if he have the relationship with someone to get somebody he knows a job would u do the same for someone you know. lets look around the country at other universities see how many guys are being hire because of who they know.How many big time coaches got their kids job on other coaching staff that never play a lick of sports. Let me ask you a question how did you get your job? let me answer that probably a package deal. Thats how it been working and thats how it will continue to work.

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