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- Allen Iverson is expecting a call from 3 teams: Charlotte , Miami, NY

- Jason williams had a workout with the magic......"He looked OK "Smith said Especially for a guy who's sat out a year..... He's a possibility.

- Flip Murray is also being looked at by the Magic

- Its official Raptors Trade Carlos delfino and roko ukic To the bucks for Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems

- The Celtics said they were pursuing Bowen but he just didn't want to come

- Brendan Haywood is being attacked by the gay community, towards some comments about Marbury

- Tmac and Deuce Mcallister are expecting to open a sports themed bar and grill ( Mac And Bones Golf Grill)

- Shaq Vs is apperently Stolen....A man says that the idea was his and it was suppose to be " Andy Roddick Beat me with a frying pan " That show was suppose to air sometime next year.

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-Out of those 3 teams I

-Out of those 3 teams I think he should go to Miami....Wade needs all the help he can get

-The Magic should not sign Williams

- Not a bad move but I think the Magic should trade for CJ Watson

- Good trade for the Raptors....I'm not sure what the Bucks are thinking...stupid move for them

-I wonder why Bowen didn't want to go to Boston? Sure he wouldn't get much playing time but still they would have a shot at a title.

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Iverson really,really should

Iverson really,really should go to the Knicks. Thats the best place for him to show he still has legs left. He could have a 20 ppg average in New York.

He's better than Anthony Johnson, at worst he's the same level player.

I see Flip Murray getting hardly any minutes if he plays in Orlando, with Vince as the offensive player and Pietrus providing defense when Carter comes out.

I really think Sonny Weems could develop more, but he's old so I think we may be seeing his best. Carlos Delfino isnt that good, but he is a rotation player and the Bucks could use his versatility on offense. I've given up on Amir Johnson becoming a good player.

Bruce Bowen wouldve been a good fit, I really wonder why he did go. Haha, he probably didnt like some of the Celtics guys

Dont get your panties in a bunch gay people..haha

I aint mad at them, maybe its a good investment.

???...I dont get whats going on.

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Mac and Bones. coolest name

Mac and Bones. coolest name ever

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