Nike Global Challenge: Top Prospects

Thu, 08/13/2009 - 7:52pm
By Ian Powers

Harrison BarnesHarrison BarnesHarrison Barnes- There really is not a lot more to be said about this kid. He averaged 31.3ppg over the course of the tournament and scored in every way possible. He carried his team to their lone victory in the tournament and brings a maturity to the game that is not often found at the high school level. He can be one and done, depending on the school that he goes and his upside is unlimited. If you want to nit pick, I guess you could say that he is a very good and not great athlete, but that would almost be like criticizing Jerry Rice for not running a particularly fast 40 time coming out of college.

Kyrie Irving- Irving was simply put, the best point guard in attendance. He scored when the opportunity presented itself and he ran the offense and found open teammates in scoring position. He is a consummate floor general who always makes the right play and is never out of control. He has a nice mix of flash and substance in his game that bodes well for him in college and beyond. All of the NBA scouts in attendance were very impressed with his play in Portland and he's somebody to keep an eye on in the future.

Josh Selby- This physical 6' 3" combo guard from Baltimore has the entire package when you talk about physical ability. He can get to basket seemingly at will and he has the athleticism to finish over guys in traffic. The only thing lacking is a consistent jumpshot. He has been criticized in the past for his attitude, but I kind of like it. One observer noted that Selby reminded him of a young Gary Payton and I would have to agree with that. He is a competitor and will do anything to win a ball game. The thing that he needs to learn how to do is harness his aggression and channel it in a positive way. He recently decommitted from Tennessee and is set to visit UCONN. It will be interesting to see where he ends up because the sky is the limit for this kid.

Will Barton- Selby's AAU teammate is a long and wiry 6' 6" guard also from Baltimore who can flat out play. He doesn't necessarily pass the look test because of his thin frame, but he he plays much stronger than he looks. He is not afraid to go down on the baseline and get buckets in the paint and he is an absolute terror once he gets in the open floor. He has range on his jumper and the ability to get to the rim off the bounce. He needs work in the weight room to round out his game, but all the tools are there.

Terrence Jones- Jones is a long and athletic combo forward who displayed a nice all around game over the weekend. He showed flashes of being a bit of a point forward and has some impressive passing skills. He is more of a 4 than 3 right now and with an improved jumper, can be a prototype 3 man in the league. He's undecided on his school choice but is rumored to be an Oklahoma lean.

C.J. Leslie- Leslie and Jones could be twins. They are the same height and have the same length and have very similar games. Jones has a better overall feel for the game, but Leslie has nice upside as well. He is somewhat a jack of all trades, but a master of none. He flashed some ballhandling skills, but he is raw at this point and uses his length, activity, and athleticism to his advantage, especially around the basket.

Cameron Clark- This 6' 6" athletic Texan was impressive at the Global Challenge. He has great bounce and a reliable jumper out to 3. He didn't show much ability to put the ball on the floor in this setting and he will have to develop that aspect of his game in order to reach his full potential. He shows an ability to be a very good defender. He is also rumored to be an Oklahoma lean. If he and Terrence Jones end up there, they would give Jeff Capel a nice forward set of potential pros to build around for the next few years.

Tony Mitchell- Mitchell is a very long and very athletic wing who plays hard all of the time. His motor is always running at 100 mph and coaches love that. He is very raw and will need to refine his game in order to reach his potential. From a length and athleticism standpoint, he has everything you look for in a wing. He is always around the ball and hits the glass hard on both ends. Runs the floor well and dives for loose balls. His release on his shot is low and that will have to be corrected in order to get consistency on his shot. He is one that is intriguing and has a chance with some polish.

Tobias Harris- Harris is coming off a very good summer. He is a nice looking athlete at 6' 8" who has an impressive face up game. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor and beat opposing big men with his quickness. He doesn't really play with his back to the basket a lot and he will have to add that to his repertoire to complete his package.

Kendall Marshall- This future North Carolina Tarheel is an impressive point guard. He has great size at 6' 4" and has an IQ tailor made for the PG position. He makes heady plays and is a great passer. He has a solid lefty jumpshot out to 3 and enough quickness and athleticism to get things done. He may have some trouble defending smaller, shiftier point guards, but he will be OK because of his smarts. He may be a 4 year guy, but has a solid chance to make the league and have a long, productive career.

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B-More Take Over

Team East was lead by The Trio from Baltimore (Selby, Will & Scoe). As they went undefeated and took home the Champinship for the USA. Selby has been playing like a Stud on a mission since his decommit to Tenn. He took over the Melo Center and D.C.'s Goodman League. Erased the Baltimore Assault performance "Other". Will is more of a pg. a great slasher and developing a more consistent jump shot and his already a lock down defender. He has been on fire since his one year at Lake. Kid does have all the tools. Since only 2 of 3 were mentioned I'll be the one to show Roscoe "Scoe" Smith some love. This kid just keeps working... Thinking his name may have granted him a high ranking early in his high school career. But he has been working his butt off to make his name respectable. Charm City Finest.

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It's going to be real interesting to see what college Barnes ends up at (assuming he goes to college and not Europe).

Jeff Fox

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