james harden

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james harden

what is everyones opinion on james hardens and bj's potential

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harden will be a solid

harden will be a solid player. BJ will be almost like a Andrew bynum in my mind

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i think

i think harden will be a excellent player. one of my friends says he's like a left hand pierce. i think nbadraft.net was right with the Manu/Roy comparison. he has manu's side step too which officials used to always call travel on.they wont no more though in my opinion.

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Harden should be a good

Harden should be a good starter his whole career. 18-20 ppg 4-5 rpg 5-6 apg. BJ will porbably take 3,4 years to develop and then be average maybe. 11 and 7.

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i think Harden can be a

i think Harden can be a solid player i dont think he will be a superstar but 12-15 points game is where he will be at.

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I think Harden is gonna be

I think Harden is gonna be awesome in OKC. In his prime i see him puttin up around 18ppg, 6 assts, and 5rpg. Him and Westbrook in the back court is awesome and with KD and Green in the frountcourt, OKC has the makings of a great team if they can keep the core together. I agree with the Mullens comparison to Bynum. Not necissarily because they play alike, but because it'll take BJ about 3 years to beciome a starting center if he works hard and in his prim he could average maybe 15-17ppg and close to 10 rpg, but thats only if he is willing to put in the work

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