what about this?

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what about this?


got themselves a big man that is an inside threat and got themselves a combo guard off the bench that could score and another big in Smith

Philly got themselves a proven PG that is a good passer, defender and also could shoot in Hinrich and Thomas that could compete for playing time with young at 4 position. And the expiring Contract of James.

I think this will be good for both teams cause Philly got a PG that could really fit with the team, and eventhough they lose Brand this will allow more playing time for Speights and Young cause I also think Brand would not easily mesh with the team offense like the first part of the season last year where the team struggles a bit and when Brand's goes down that's when Philly made a run for the playoffs with Igoudala being the main man. And for the Bulls they got a Big Man that's going to be an inside threat for the team and eventhough they lose Hinrich cause for me his the best defender in the team last season especially during the playoffs with Boston cause he could guard Rondo a PG up to Paul Pierce which is a SF. And Thomas would definitely benefit from a change of scenery.

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