02-03 KOBE was at his finest

Tobe Bryant
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02-03 KOBE was at his finest

Man Im sitting here watching KOBE in his 2002-2003 campaign and I must admit, the cat was beasting. This is the year of the 9 straight 40 poing games and I think 13 stragiht 35 point games. He had some of his sickest highlights that year (dunk over Yao, behind the back 360 vs. Denver, 3 pt. record, sick baseline windmill over Sprewell, etc.). Shaq also missed a few games to injury that year so he carried his share the Laker load. Anyway, check out his highlights that year when you get a chance. Here is the link:

There are more of his highlights during the streak along the side of the page, if you want to, I ask when you think KOBE was at his best, and you tell me.

Peace \/

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I remember that year

I would say it was maybe his second best season right behind the year he dropped 35.5 and absolutely carried the Lakers to the playoffs. I remember the 9 stright 40 point games and the game where he hit 12 3's, 9 of them in a row. I think people tend to underestimate Kobe from his early 20's. They assume he was just Shaq's sidekick and did'nt explode until after Shaq left. When in fact Kobe was the best perimeter player in the game at the time.

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simply amazing

i honestly dont know if a player will average 35 a game in the next 10 yrs. I think the league is jus progressing along with its players and the competition is jus too stiff out there. Kobe was amazing that year. I wish he had of won the mvp that year

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