Who has the best chance of ROY honors

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Who has the best chance of ROY honors

→Blake Griffin, PF, 6'10", 254lbs, Oklahoma
A dominant physical presence with outstanding size and strength.
1st pick overall, LA Clippers
→James Harden, SG, 6'5", 220lbs, Arizona State
One of the most complete players in the draft.
3rd pick overall, OKC Thunder
→Tyreke Evans, PG/SG, 6'5", 220lbs, Memphis
Excels at getting into the lane. Terrific ball-handler.
4th pick overall, SAC Kings
→Johnny Flynn, PG, 6'0", 185lbs, Syracuse
Mature confident and quick point guard knows how to run a team
6th pick overall, MIN Timberwolves
→Stephen Curry, PG/SG, 6'3", 185lbs, Davidson
Terrific off-balance shooter. Tremendous range.
7th pick overall, GS Warriors
→Brandon Jennings, PG, 6'1", 179lbs, Lottomatica Virtus Roma (Italy)
Rare quickness and leaping ability. Good in traffic.
10th pick overall, MIL Bucks

Who and Why?

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Blake Grffin - Pretty

Blake Grffin - Pretty simple, if hes not a bust, and gets decent playtime..hes ROY imo

James Harden - Surrounded by KD & Westbrook, hes going to do real good

Tyreke Evans - hes gonna do great simply because he'll hav 6'0 PGs defending him ALOT

Jonny Flynn - Heres my vote, c'mon, Hes competing with Chucky Atkins...

Stephen Curry - Don Nelson is not gonna play him enough to compete for ROY

Brandon Jennings - If Session leaves, with Redd by his side, BJs going to do really well

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Blake Grffin - almost for

Blake Grffin - almost for sure ROY.

James Harden - hell be good but not more than a role player his freshman year.

Tyreke Evans - hes the Oj Mayo of this year good numbers on a crappy team, has a chance at ROY

Jonny Flynn - i think hes specail but will take a few years to become a star.
Stephen Curry - i dont think he has much of a chance. id put him at about 5th in the race.
Brandon Jennings - hell have problems with Skiles hell flash potential and i think hell be a good player soon but hes in the wrong system.

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blake griffin has the best

blake griffin has the best chance for ROY because hes by far the best player, the same reason he was taken #1, simple as that. Also hes on a clippers team that really suck'd last year, and are on the verge of turning it around.

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B Jennings

If b jennings get playing time he's rookie of the year imo he's already bout the fastest dude in the league he athletic great passer he just shoots threes to much and that's not his strong point he good at them when he's hot. He need to drive the ball more. Picture iverson with steve nash playmaking skills then you got brandon jennings.

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