Will A Foreign Born Player as a #1 option ever lead a team to the championship???

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Will A Foreign Born Player as a #1 option ever lead a team to the championship???

I have been going over this question with some frinds of mine and I really dont think it will happen not in the near future what do you guys think.

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The Mav's about did it in 06 (game 6 was a close one too). This is a horrible question, as we all know it is possible. Picture the Lakers in four years, if they can keep their nucleus together (and add youth) , Gasol could be every bit as important as Kobe in the near future, and potentially more important.

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Hasn't Tim Duncan already

Hasn't Tim Duncan already done it... like 4 times?

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Tim Duncan,Tony Parker and alot of other people

Alot of people have done this already
Duncan,Parker and ginobili are all international
then of course how cAn you forget Hakeem The Dream Olajuwon??
Hakeem Olajuwon did it 2 in a row for the rockets

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Yeah, I'll agree with everyone else. It's been done. Maybe you are asking if any foreign born European player will ever lead a team to a championship as a number 1 option, but that would include Parker at the least because he's from France. I would also say that even though Gasol wasn't the #1 option for the Lakers he came up huge for them and they wouldn't have won without him. I would actually say that he was pretty dominant throughout the series. I would have liked to see what kind of numbers he would have put up with more shots because he really didn't miss much.

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